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Item No:89788 

【 One Small Step 】 In July 1969, lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center was the Apollo 11 space craft propelled by a Saturn V (five) rocket. As well as the historic first steps on the moon, the three brave astronauts gathered collected soil and rock samples and also installed a seismometer and a laser reflecting mirror. After 8 days in space, the crew of the Apollo 11 safely returned home to earth. Tamiya is also re-releasing the Apollo Lunar Spacecraft after 40 years since its first release to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of this historic event.

【 About the Model 】 ★This is a plastic 1/70 scale assembly kit of the Apollo spacecraft. ★In addition to the Command, Service, and Lunar modules, the Saturn V rocket's frontal part and two display bases for the Lunar and Service modules are included. ★The cone-shaped Command Module can be separated from the Service module. Clear transparent plastic plate is included to depict glass areas. ★The Lunar Module has detachable ascent and descent stages and can be docked with the Command Module. ★Two astronaut figures and an American flag are included for added enjoyment. ★This is for display use.
※Click here for the dimensions of each module.

The Landing module's legs can be folded to depict an in-flight state or an unfolded landed state. Gold aluminum foil to depict the thermal blanket is included.

The side panel of the Service module is open able. When you open the panel, you can see every kind of fuel tank stored on the Apollo 11.

The Saturn V rocket is depicted with two white and two clear parts (Total 4). Both the Lunar and Command modules can be assembled together.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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(The information on this page is current as of July 24, 2009.)