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Limited Edition Static Model
1/48 Italian Armored Car AB41
Item No: 89778

Length: 110mm. Image shows painted and assembled model.

The Superior Recon Vehicle
During the early stages of WWII, Italian car manufacturer FIAT produced the armored car the AB40 which was used in reconnaissance missions. Later in 1941, the AB41, based on the AB40 was put into production. It came armed with a 20mm Breda M35 auto cannon. The AB41 was a 4WD, had 4 wheel steering, 4 wheel independent suspension, large-sized tires, and front and rear driver seats making it a very versatile vehicle. It entered both the armored and infantry divisions and was mostly used throughout North Africa as a reconnaissance vehicle. With the surrender of Italy, the German Army captured many AB41's and pressed them into service at various fronts including the Italian front.

About the Model
This is a 1/48 scale plastic assembly kit model of the Italian Armored Car AB41. Length: 110mm. The AB41's impressive riveted hull is precisely reproduced made by Italeri. The gun turret, 20mm gun, and suspension are all realistically reproduced. Special die-cast chassis adds to the feeling of weight to the model. Realistic rubber tires accurately represent the large sized desert use Libya tires. Four kinds of markings including two kinds for the North African front, one kind for domestic Italian use, and one for Wehrmacht use comes in the set.

Wehrmacht, 162nd Infantry Division, Italy, July 1944

Polizia Africa Italiana, Tunisia, early 1943

Regio Esercito, Libya, 1942

Regio Esercito, 15 rgt. Cavalleggeri di Lodi
(R. E. CO.), Pinerolo, Italy, 1942

Main Tamiya Colors required: XF-59 Desert yellow & XF-60 Dark yellow

Information is current as of February 2, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.