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Limited Edition Static Model
1/48 Russian Field Car w/Officers
Item No: 89767

Vehicle length: 70mm. Image shows assembled and painted set.

Liven Up the Eastern Front
This limited edition set features the GAZ-67B field car with 7 Russian army figures. Vehicle length: 70mm Logical parts layout means effortless assembly. General reviewing documents, officer holding bag, officer in wallking pose, female NCO, and 3 maintenance crew figures made by ICM. Driver figure for field car, Maxim heavy machine gun, and sub-machine guns are included in the bountiful accessory set. Perfect for displaying with T34, SU-122, and other Russian vehicles.

About the GAZ-67B
Developed as a small liaison and reconnaissance vehicle along the same lines as the American Jeep, this Russian field car featured a 54 horsepower 3,280cc 4-cylinder engine which allowed it to reach speeds of 90km/h. It proved to be a rugged vehicle with excellent off-road capabilities, and the over 60,000 produced were used by both the Russian forces as well as those of Warsaw Pact countries until well after the end of WWII.

Russian Army Uniforms
From the Summer of 1943, when the Russian army went on the counter-offensive against the German army after the Battle of Kursk, until the end of the war, the standard uniform for the Russian army was the rubashka field uniform. Tank crew wore overalls on top of it as well.

Information is current as of March 28, 2008. Specifications are subject to change without notice.