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Finishing Materials no.136
Tamiya Clear Epoxy Resin (150g)
Item No: 87136

Gleaming Dioramas or Sweets Replicas
This clear epoxy resin is ideal for recreating water surfaces in scale model or railroad dioramas. Mix the resin and the hardening agent in a 2:1 ratio, apply, and allow 24 hours for it to completely cure. It can also be poured into molds to form sweets replicas such as jello, candies, and juices. Furthermore, it can be conveniently used to create transparent accessories such as pendants or brooches. The resin can also be mixed with Tamiya Color paints for even more creative possibilities. Both bottles come with convenient nozzles and a handy mixing tool is also included.
*Caution: this resin cannot be mixed with Decoration Color paints.

■Water Feature Diorama ■Jello ■Fashion Accessory

Information is current as of May 20, 2012. Specifications are subject to change without notice.