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Limited Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit Black Edition
Item No: 84422

Length: 375mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, wheels & tires, motor, R/C equipment, and battery pack sold separately.

Back, In Black
This special version of the front-wheel drive carbon double deck FF-04 EVO chassis kit not only features a host of cool-looking black anodized parts, it is also equipped with performance-enhancing components: big bore dampers, plus an aluminum bumper mount which connects motor plate, motor stay and bumper, improving front rigidity.

★Left: TRF418 design suspension arms combine with double cardan drive shafts for a highly efficient drive.

★Right: TRF big bore dampers feature wider cylinder interior and piston for enhanced cushioning.

★Left: The aluminum bumper mount connects motor mount and stay, boosting chassis rigidity at the front.

★Right: The chassis features servo mount parts that make it compatible with low-profile servos.

Featured Parts
●Carbon Fiber Lower Deck (2.5mm thick) ●Carbon Fiber Upper Deck (2mm thick) ●Carbon Fiber Front/Rear Damper Stays (3.5mm thick) ●Carbon Fiber Bumper Supports (2mm thick) ●Carbon Fiber Servo Plate (2mm thick) ●Carbon Fiber Motor Stay (3mm thick) ●Double Cardan Drive Shafts ●Fluorine Sealed Ball Bearings ●Gear Differential Unit

Black Anodized Parts
●Aluminum Bumper Mount ●TRF Big Bore Damper Cylinders & Pistons ●Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount ●Aluminum Rear Bulkheads ●Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mounts ●Aluminum Servo Mounts ●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts ●Aluminum Main Shaft ●Aluminum Middle Shaft

●Chassis length: 375mm ●Chassis width: 187mm ●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Carbon Double Deck Frame ●Front-Mounted Motor, Front-Wheel Drive ●Gear Differential ●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ●TRF Big Bore Dampers ●Gear Ratio = 9 different ratios possible from 8.42:1 to 6.1:1 ●Requires Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
●2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ●Type 540 Motor ●Battery Pack & Charger ●R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ●Body, tires, wheels

Information is current as of December 2, 2015. Specifications are subject to change without notice.