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Limited Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C DB01RRR Chassis Kit
Item No: 84421

Length: 357mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.
*Body, wing, motor, tires and R/C equipment sold separately.

RRReady to RRRumble!!
This chassis kit sees the 2 belt-driven 4WD DB01RR buggy loaded with even more high performance parts for awesome potential. The front aluminum suspension mount gives a skid angle of 12°, while its aluminum rear counterpart's 3° toe-in is great for higher-grip surfaces. An aluminum heat sink protects from dust and helps heat dissipate from the motor, and ABS resin wheels are compatible with hex-shaped hubs. Hex screws offer excellent precision and durability of attachment. All aluminum parts come in a cool black.

Featured Components
●Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (Skid Angle 12°) ●Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Toe-In 3°) ●Aluminum Motor Heat Sink ●12mm Hex Wheel Hubs (Front/Rear) ●Hex Hub-Compatible Dish Wheels (Front/Rear) ●39T Gear Differential Units (Front/Rear) ●Big Bore Aeration Dampers (Front/Rear) ●WO Universal Shaft w/Axle Ring (Front/Rear) ●Slipper Clutch Set ●Fluorine-Coated Ball Bearings ●Hex Screws ●Lower Deck is compatible with square-shaped battery packs

Lower deck is compatible with square-shaped battery packs.

High-performance big bore aeration dampers are fitted front and rear.

Front/rear aluminum suspension mounts give a boost on high-grip surfaces.

●Length: 357mm ●Width: 251mm ●Wheelbase: 280mm ●Fiber-Glass Reinforced Nylon Resin Frame ●2 Belt-Driven 4WD ●Front & Rear Gear Differentials ●Front & Rear Big Bore Aeration Dampers ●Gear Ratio = from 12.32:1 - 7.58:1 (using kit-included 91T spur; pinion sold separately) ●Requires Type 540 motor and Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
●2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ●Type 540 Motor ●Battery Pack & Charger ●R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ●Body, wing, tires, wheels, pinion gear

Information is current as of August 20, 2015. Specifications are subject to change without notice.