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Limited Edition R/C Product

1/10 R/C FF-04 EVO Chassis Kit
Item No: 84394

Item image
Length: 375mm. Image shows assembled kit. *Enlarged image
*Body, tires and wheels, motor, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger sold separately.

Enjoy the FFreedom of FF Driving!
This front-wheel drive chassis offers superior cornering, and employs a double deck layout with 2.5mm thick lower and 2.0mm thick upper carbon fiber decks. Suspension arms now take the same form as those on the high-end TRF418 chassis. The result is an optimal blend of balance and rigidity, plus smooth adaptability to a range of road surfaces. A gear differential unit is housed in the gearbox design used on the XV-01 chassis, giving reduced track surface contact during cornering, and even sharper handling.

The XV-01 chassis gearbox design is integrated into the front of this chassis, reducing track surface contact.

TRF418 design suspension arms combine with TRF Dampers (Hard Black Coating) for superior cushioning.

Can be fitted with low-profile servos, allowing you to keep the chassis' center of gravity low.
Featured Components
★Carbon Fiber Lower Deck (2.5mm thick) ★Carbon Fiber Upper Deck (2mm thick) ★Carbon Fiber Front/Rear Damper Stays (3.5mm thick) ★Carbon Fiber Bumper Supports (2mm thick) ★Carbon Fiber Servo Plate (2mm thick) ★Carbon Fiber Motor Stay (3mm thick) ★Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount ★Aluminum Rear Bulkhead ★Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount ★Aluminum Servo Mount ★Aluminum Main Shaft ★Aluminum Middle Shaft ★Double Cardan Drive Shafts ★Fluorine Sealed Ball Bearings ★Gear Differential Unit ★TRF Dampers (Hard Black Coating) ★Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts

★Chassis length: 375mm ★Chassis width: 187mm ★Wheelbase: 257mm ★Carbon Double Deck Frame ★Front-Mounted Motor, Front-Wheel Drive ★Gear Differential ★3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ★4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ★TRF Dampers (Hard Black Coating) ★Gear Ratio = 9 different ratios possible from 8.42:1 to 6.1:1 ★Requires Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system with ESC ★Battery pack and charger ★Batteries for transmitter ★Type 540 Motor ★Body, Tires, Wheels

Information is correct as of December 9, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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