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1/8 Engine R/C Car

TRF801X(w/O.S. SPEED21 VZ-B V-SpecII)
Item No:84110 

Length: 495mm Image shows finished model  ※Click to enlarge

【 And Introducing the TRF801X Buggy 】 Today, the most hotly contested R/C motorsports category is no doubt the 1/8 GP Buggy category. Making its debut at the IFMAR World Championship Buggy Class in Thailand, TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) drivers all raced with the brand new TRF801X.
The main man behind this machine was Tamiya America's David Jun. The summer of 2008 saw the debut of the TRF801Xt which inturn became the basis of which the TRF801X was founded on. The engine is mounted at 15 degrees, has excellent balance thanks to the optimized placement of parts including the front and rear propeller shafts. The drive-line is virtually straight which provides this machine the most efficiency in its class. This machine also comes with a duralumin chassis, carbon upper deck, three differentials (Front, Center, Rear), aluminum shock stays, large volume aluminum dampers, etc to make it more than ready for any competition.


T-2060SC WN Manifold/Exhaust Set
From left: David Jun, Ryan Lutz, Victor Wilck

【 World Champion Engine & Exhaust! 】 Setting the 2008 IFMAR World Championship season alight was the O.S. made "O.S.SPEED21 VZ-B V-SPEC II" engine and the class 21 off-road tuned exhaust and manifold "T-2060 SC WN Complete Set" which now powers the TRF801X to glory.

【 What is O.S.SPEED21 VZ-B V-SPECII? 】 This competition model engine was specifically made to win the 1/8 GP Buggy World Championships. When you turn the throttle of your transmitter, you will experience the perfect synchronized transfer of power this engine offers. Also, the superb fuel efficiency allows for longer runs which helped it to power to win the 2008 1/8 Buggy World Championships. For more information on this impressive engine, click here to view O.S.SPEED's homepage.

【 Specifications 】 ●3mm Duralumin Chassis ●Carbon Upper Deck (Front, Center, Servo Tray) ●Aluminum Shock Towers (Front & Rear), Knuckles, and Engine Mount ●3-Bevel Diff Gears (Front, Rear, Center) ●Spiral Cut Ring and Pinion Gears (Front & Rear) ●3-Piece Aluminum Centrifugal Clutch & Aluminum Fly Wheel ●Large-Sized Aluminum Dampers (Shaft Boots Equipped) ●Stabilizer ●Sealed Mechanism Box ●Body, Wing, and Stickers included ●21 Class SG Shaft Rear Exhaust Engine ※Tires and Wheels not included.

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●Tires, Wheels, Engine Starter, Fuel, Glow Plug Heater, R/C Mechanisms, Servos x2

【 Blank sheet 】 ●TRF801X

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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(The information on this page is current as of January 22, 2010.)