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Technicraft Series no.9
5-Speed Twin Gearbox H.E.
Item No: 72009

Length: 88mm. Image shows assembled kit.

This assembly kit creates a right/left independent twin gearbox which is suitable for robotics creations thanks to its high precision and durability. Five different gear ratios can be selected (6.1:1, 15.6:1, 40.2:1, 103.3:1 and 265.6:1) by changing gear combinations and drive shaft attachment. Attachment and detachment of right and left gearboxes is via simple snap-together action. Each side has 5 mount parts, and each mount has three holes for adaptable attachment. 103.3:1 and 265.6:1 gear ratios include clutch gears to protect the gears from overload. Comes with hex hubs to attach cruciform crank arms and R/C wheels. Also, includes two Type 260 motors, and is also compatible with separately sold Type 130 and Type 140 designs. This is an assembly kit. Length: 88.7mm, width: 86mm, height: 27mm (connected), weight: 140g (With gear ratio of 265.6:1. Measurements are approximate.)

Information is current as of April 23, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.