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Technicraft Series no.8
4-Speed Worm Gearbox H.E.
Item No: 72008

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This 4-Speed Worm Gearbox H.E. is of the type which is often used at robotics contests and features a low RPM rate for great torque output. There are four gear ratios (84:1, 216:1, 555.4:1, 1428.2:1) to choose from, with the 1428.2:1 ratio offering an RPM of seven times in one minute. The included gearbox attachment parts can be installed at a choice of two positions. A 4mm dia. drive shaft, three kinds of crank arms, and Type 260 motor included. Separately available Type 130 and Type 140 motors are also compatible.
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Information is current as of February 3, 2010. Specifications are subject to change without notice.