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Robocraft Series no.6
Mechanical Turtle (Crawling Type)
Item No: 71106

4-leg Crawling-Type Mechanical Turtle
Tamiya presents the 4-leg crawling-type Mechanical Turtle as its next Robocraft Series item. Motor rotating power is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the Turtle crawl. Each pair of legs (front and rear) are molded as one piece and front leg plate is attached with a ball joint that serves as a fulcrum to realistically imitate turtle crawling. Legs and body on which the gearbox is mounted employ transparent-colored parts, giving the turtle a funky look. Reverse switch is also transparent, giving you a peek at the turtle's internal mechanisms. Assembly is very simple with use of screws and snap-lock parts.

šLength: 166mm šWeight: 95g (without batteries) šBody material: ABS resin šGearbox, motor, reverse switch also included. šScrewdriver for assembly is provided. šRequires one R04/AAA/UM4 battery (sold separately).

Crawling the Turtle
Run on flat, smooth surfaces. Avoid running over slopes, on bumpy roads or on long-haired carpet.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.