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Dangun Racers Circuit (ITEM 69561)

Dangun Circuit (Oval Type)

Dangun Circuit (Oval Type)
Finally a circuit that fits in your very own room!
Measuring only 190x100cm, this compact circuit is easy to put together, and can be quickly set-up in your very own room. So what are you waiting for!? Get the oval circuit and battle it out with your friends.

...but that's not all, the Dangun Circuit (Oval Type) may be connected with separately sold sections for creating a larger customized course. With Dangun Racers the excitement never stops!

Expand the Circuit!
You wanna be the most popular kid in town? Enjoy adding on additional parts to create your very own customized circuit and be the talk of the neighborhood.
Straight Section- 4pcs.
Curve Section- 1pc.
Curve Section- 4pcs.
A Parts (Bridge Support A)- 1pc.
B Parts (Bridge Support B)- 1pc.
C Parts (Joint, Course Catch)- 1pc.
D Parts (Fence)- 1pc.
F Parts (Bridge Support F)- 1pc.
O Ring- 12pcs., Sponge- 3pcs.
Screw Bag (3x8 Tapping Screw- 36pcs.)

Enter the Figure Eight!
Use the Figure Eight expansion pack to transform your Oval Circuit into an even more exciting DR race track.
Dangun Circuit Expansion Pack

Contents:Curve Section x4 Bridge Support Parts Screws Joints, Course Catch Fence (upper and lower parts) Assembly instructions Course layout map

For inquiries about Dangun Circuit parts, please contract your regional agent
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