Military Miniature Series Meets the Aircraft Series
1/48 Aircraft Series No.82 (ITEM 61082)

In Tow
The Me262 was the first jet fighter to ever be deployed into combat. Now, Tamiya is proud to present a 1/48 scale model of this revolutionary jet along with Tamiya's first ever 1/48 scale military ground vehicle, the Kettenkraftrad.
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Sideview of Me262 A-2a in TowRear View of Me262 A-2a in Tow

About the Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a
Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a
The Me262 A-2a was the fighter/bomber version of the Me262. When Allied bombing raids on the German homeland were rapidly intensifying, the Luftwaffe proposed the hastened deployment of the revolutionary Me262 A-1a jet fighter/interceptor. However, Hitler issued strict contrary orders prioritizing the deployment of the A-2a fighter/bomber version of the Me262. In June 1944, deployment of the A-2a fighter/bomber began. The A-2a was equipped with only two 30mm MK108 guns (compared to the A-1a's four guns) but had an extra fuel tank in the rear part of its fuselage and could carry up to a 1-ton payload of bombs. The Me262 A-2a would see active service up till the end of World War II.
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(Images show model after assembly and painting.)

Rear ViewNoseCockpitPilot FigureEnginePayload of 250kg Bombs
About the Model
Tamiya presents a scale model of the German Airforce's (Luftwaffe's) Me262 A-2a Fighter/Bomber jet. 1/48 scale, total height: 221mm, total width: 264mm. Form of the Me262, with its swept-back wings and attached engine pods has been faithfully recreated in this model. Details of the cockpit and 30mm cannons have also been accurately portrayed. Canopy and cannon covers can be assembled opened or closed. Two types of bomb racks are available for assembly. Replicas of two 250-pound bombs and two take-off assistance booster rockets have been provided in kit. Front landing gear bay has been made of die-cast aluminum and is weighted for balance. Kit features 1/48 scale Kettenkraftrad towing vehicle. 3 pilot and ground crew figures included. Kit also features decals for recreation of 3 different planes.

About the Kettenkraftrad
The German Army produced a unique half-track motorcycle deployed to the front lines and known as the NSU Kettenkraftrad. Originally intended to be used by airborne units, this vehicle went into production on a massive scale and was used for a variety of functions such as providing a power source, as well as for transportation, communications, and towing. One of the Kettenkraftrad's highlight features was its three forward gears and one reverse gear, which each had high/low gears, permitting the half-track to take on rugged terrain. Due to fuel shortages at the end of the war, the Me262 was restricted from self-propelled ground movement when positioning for take-off. As such, the Kettenkraftrad and other ground vehicles were used to pull the Me262 to the runway. Kettenkraftrad
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(Images show model after assembly and painting.)

Front ViewFront WheelGround Crew Figure
About the Model
1/48 scale, total length: 65mm, total height: 21mm. Authentic scale model of the unique Kettenkraftrad ground vehicle. Front wheel and caterpillar tracks crisply recreated without sparing the slightest detail.

Two All New Tamiya Colors For Aircraft!
AS-23 Light Green
Light Green
AS-24 Dark Green
Dark Green

AS-23 Light Green (Luftwaffe)
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AS-24 Dark Green (Luftwaffe)
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