The Zero Flies Again!

1/32 Aircraft Series No.9 (ITEM 60309)
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke)
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke)
Fuselage length: 285mm, Wingspan: 344mm, 1/32 scale

Click on images for enlargements and explanations. (Images show model after assembly and painting.)
Rear Cowl Exhaust Engine, cockpit Cockpit
20mm machine gun Wing lights Figure Display stand Photo etched parts

Large Scale Kit Boasts 7 Moving Parts!
Just one of the joys of Tamiya's Zero Fighter is its abundance of moving parts. This, combined with the amazingly precise molding, allows the modeler to better enjoy the assembly process and gain a unique understanding of how the actual aircraft was constructed.
Landing gear Flaps, ailerons Rudder, elevators Tail wheel, arresting hooks

1/32 Scale Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke) (60309)
To many Japanese, the Reisen (Zero Fighter) was more than a superbly designed aircraft, it was symbol of the legendary, albeit temporary invincibility of the Japanese Navy in the Pacific theater. Some theorists have even gone so far to say that if not for the design and production of the Zero fighter, the Japanese Navy would have never decided to initiate the Pacific War in the first place. However, the war was initiated, and by the beginning of 1943, the Japanese Army was fighting a desperate ground war for control of strategic points in the South Pacific, including Guadacanal. The air war over these islands was just as desperate, and although the Japanese enjoyed aerial superiority in the early stages of the conflict, they were later forced to face off against the ever-growing air power of the American Army and Navy. The hope for Japanese victory in the Pacific against the might and sheer numbers of Allied aircraft rested on the Zero fighters and their brave pilots.

About the Model
Assembly model kit based on the Model 52 Zero Fighter. 1/32 scale, fuselage length: 286mm, wingspan: 344mm. From the subtle curves of the engine cowl to the tip of the vertical stabilizer, the form of the Zero Fighter has been recreated with incredible authenticity. Outer surfaces of fuselage, cockpit interior, and Sakae 21 engine boasts intricate detail that only Tamiya can provide. Model features 7 movable parts including landing gear, rudder, and flaps. Canopy and engine cowling can be modeled in the open or closed position. Mesh over air intake and seat belts incorporate photo-etched parts for maximum realism. Canopy masking seals, three types of markings, and two types of pilot figures included.

Painstaking Research for Total Accuracy
At Tamiya, the most important point in developing an accurate scale model is the thorough study of the full-sized object. To develop this 1/32 scale Zero Fighter, Tamiya designers traveled to England to visit the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford and Imperial War Museum; the U.S. to visit the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum; and Hamamatsu, Japan to visit the JASDF Hamamatsu Base. These museums all possess Model 52 Zero Fighters, and provided Tamiya's designers with invaluable reference to recreate every nook and cranny of the legendary aircraft. From the strong lines of the main wings and fuselage to the subtle curvature of the engine cowls, the 1/32 model remains faithful to the form of the original. Because this is a Tamiya scale model, detail goes without question, as evident in the delicate panel lines crossing every surface of the aircraft.

Special Paints also Released
Dark Green 2 Dark Green 2 (IJN)
Beautiful polished finish is ideal for the Model 52 Zero Fighter or any late WWII aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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Cockpit Green (IJN) Cockpit Green (IJN)
Released in conjunction with the Model 52 Zero Fighter, this paint is ideal for accurate painting of the cockpit.

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