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Item No:58695

All Electric R/C Car Series No.695


Length: 425mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Customized Classic
Feast your eyes on this customized version of the classic Wild One Off-Roader, which is the work of Blockhead Motors' creative driving force Jun Watanabe. Given a tasteful blue livery in contrast to the red and black color scheme of the original, the polycarbonate body is pre-painted and cut, and can be fitted with the included window netting, car number boards, and even a dummy antenna for that quintessentially retro look. Dedicated sticker designs feature the Blockhead Motors logo among many more, for a busy and stylish final look.

Capable RWD Off-Road Chassis
The model's durable ABS plastic box type frame is matched with a battery case which is compatible with modern power sources such as Tamiya Racing Packs and LF batteries. Its four-wheel independent trailing arm suspension is equipped with front and rear aluminum cylinder oil dampers, and the front damper mount is also aluminum. At the rear, the gear differential provides smooth cornering and is housed away from sand and other foreign objects in an enclosed gearbox; low-friction dogbone type driveshafts feature dust boots on their joints for further protection. The silver color roll bar features metal component, and plated wheels, suspension arms, side guards and gearbox give this buggy a classy finish.

Jun Watanabe: Graphic Designer / Blockhead Motors CEO
Mr. Watanabe is a designer whose work ranges from fashion projects to graphic and product design. In addition to being involved in the design of collaborative models, he has also flourished as an artist and movie creator. He has loved Tamiya R/C cars since his childhood, and has produced "The Hornet by JUN WATANABE" spotted design in 2012, plus Tamiya apparel goods.

Blockhead Motors
The R/C car brand which deals in stickers and apparel, and customizations of Tamiya off road buggy models from the 1980s, also taking part in the design of collaborative fashion, music, and skateboard projects to expand the horizons of R/C cars. Also, this brand regularly holds events to get opportunities to meet R/C fans, and Tamiya R/C cars produced by Blockhead Motors have been popular among not only Japanese fans but people across the world.

★Length: 425mm, width: 225mm, height: 140mm ★Wheelbase: 255mm ★Tread: 190mm (front & rear) ★ABS plastic box frame ★Polycarbonate body ★Rear motor, rear-wheel drive ★3-bevel differential ★2-piece steering tie-rod ★Single trailing arm suspension (front & rear) ★Tire width/diameter: 23/83mm (front), 38/38mm (rear) ★Aluminum oil dampers (front & rear) ★Gear ratio = 7.54:1, 9.05:1 ★Type 540 motor ★Electronic speed controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger

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  • ★With a wide and low stance to offer great off-road performance, the buggy features a rear motor, rear-wheel drive setup.
  • ★The durable box frame is molded in ABS plastic, and is compatible with Tamiya 7.2V Racing Packs and LF battery packs.
  • ★This image gives a closer look at the trailing arm front suspension, with aluminum cylinder oil dampers for a great ride.
  • ★Silver color metal-plated wheels give a stylish accent, and at the front they are paired with ribbed tires for excellent directionality.
  • ★Metal-plated parts are also used for the sealed rear gearbox, which contains a differential gear to give smooth cornering.
  • ★Note the metal-plated arm on the rear trailing arm suspension setup, with aluminum cylinder oil dampers just like on the front.
  • ★Dogbone design drive shafts are highly durable, particularly with dust boots attached to offer extra protection when going off-road.
  • ★Wider rear wheels are also metal-plated components, and are shod with hybrid oval block/spike pattern tires to ensure great grip.
  • ★Window nets are a nice touch, bringing to mind a full-size racer. The polycarbonate driver figure also comes pre-painted.
  • ★Car number boards at the rear are finished with a base yellow sticker and then your desired number stickers on top. Customize!

Information is current as of November 4, 2021. Specifications are subject to change without notice.