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Electric R/C Car Series no.389
1/10 R/C EBBRO 350R (TA05-IFS)
Item No: 58389

Length: 442mm. Image shows assembled and painted model kit.

Sleek GT300 Class Racing Machine
Team Nova entered their EBBRO 350R GT300 class race car, piloted by the duo of Tetsuya Tanaka and Shinsuke Yamazaki, for the 2007 Super GT season. Based on the Vemac 350R produced by R&D Sports, the car is equipped with a mid-mounted 3,900cc V8 engine delivering over 400hp. With its wide and low silhouette, one may be led to believe that this car is an exotic Group C prototype racer rather than a GT300 machine. Tamiya now brings you the EBBRO 350R as an assembly kit R/C model, complete with accurately reproduced polycarbonate body shell and separately-molded rear wing.

Inboard Front Suspension
The chassis features belt-driven 4WD for high-performance racing, but the most innovative feature of its new TA05-IFS chassis is the inboard front suspension setup with horizontally-mounted dampers. Of course, both the front and rear reversible suspensions can be adjusted according to driver preferences, and coupled with the well-balanced chassis layout, one-piece motor mount, and ball differentials, this machine is hard to beat.

Inboard Front Suspension features a push rod/rocker arm setup with horizontally-mounted dampers.

Front suspension is also equipped with reversible suspension arm and glass-fiber reinforced lightweight hub carrier for extra durability.

Rear damper stays are designed specifically for use with the reversible suspension setup, providing smooth and stable performance.

●Length: 442mm, Width: 192mm, Height: 112mm ●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Tread: 167mm ●Motor: Type RS540 ●Drivetrain: Transverse motor with extra-long 2-belt 4WD ●Differential Gear: Front/Rear Ball Differentials ●Steering Tie-rod: 3-piece ●Suspension: Front/Rear Double Wishbone ●Dampers: Front/Rear Mini CVA Oil Dampers ●Gear Ratio: 7.159 :1 ●Tire Width/Diameter: 24mm/64mm (same for front & rear) ●Speed controller: ESC

Information is current as of June 14, 2007. Specifications are subject to change without notice.