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Electric R/C Car Series No.388
1/10 R/C Mazda RX-7 (TT-01D) Drift Spec
Item No: 58388

Length: 449mm. Image shows assembled and painted model kit.

Rotary-Powered Drift Machine
The third and final generation of the RX-7 was, and still is, one of the best handling sports cars ever produced. With its powerful yet efficient RE13B 2-rotor Wankel Rotary engine and sophisticated twin-turbo system, excellent balance, and lightness, the FD RX-7 had all the ingredients of a true sports car and is still a much sought-after machine amongst driving enthusiasts. Its beautifully curved futuristic body shape remained alluring throughout a production run that spanned eleven years and it remains an instantly recognizable icon that has also staked its claim in popular culture with appearances in major movies such as the Fast and the Furious series, games such as the Gran Turismo series, and the Japanese animation hit Initial D.

HeadlightsFResin headlight cases house white LEDs for a realistic HID look.

Tail LightsFRear combination light case is also made from resin and is mounted with brilliant red LEDs.

Specially Tuned Drift Chassis
The bathtub frame of the shaft-driven 4WD TT-01D mounts the Sport-Tuned Motor and battery close to the ground for optimum balance and a low center-of-gravity. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension equipped with CVA mini shock dampers and short springs as well as front and rear differentials ensure excellent handling. Full ball bearings are included for enhanced efficiency and an aluminum motor heat sink helps cool the motor during intense drift runs. This high-performance package is then dressed up in brilliant, always-on LEDs to provide a realistic driving experience.

Length: 449mm@Width: 195mm@Height: 124mm@Wheelbase: 257mm@ Drift Tire Width/Diameter: (Front&Rear) 26/63mm@Frame: Bathtub Type@ Drivetrain: Shaft-driven 4WD@Diff. Gear: Front/Rear 3-Bevel Steering Rod: 3-piece@ Suspension: 4-wheel Double Wishbone@Dampers: CVA mini shock oil dampers Gear Ratio: 8.35:1@ Motor: Type RS540@Full Ball Bearings@Speed Controller: ESC (sold separately)

Information is current as of June 18, 2007. Specifications are subject to change without notice.