1/10 R/C Car Series No.312 (ITEM 58312)

With Monster Trucks fascinating the world for years, Tamiya proudly presents the 2WD monster truck Blackfoot-Xtreme. The Blackfoot-Xtreme features metal-plated parts that give this model a cool look resembling that of the real-size American monster trucks. Gearbox comes pre-assembled making this model perfect for beginners who want to enjoy off-road running.

Get ready for the Blackfoot-Xtreme!

The Blackfoot-Xtreme is equipped with a reinforced polycarbonate monocoque frame chassis. This arrangement allows easy access and maintenance of gearbox without disassembly. With the battery located in the middle of the chassis, the Blackfoot-Xtreme is perfectly balanced for rough riding. The centrally positioned servo ensures the equal alignment of the steering tie rods, improving control. The four-wheel double wishbone suspension offers flexible handling over all road conditions.

Basic Specifications

Total length: 445mm, Total width: 310mm, Total height: 267mm. Chassis Material: Polycarbonate Suspension Front and Rear: Double Wishbone Transmission Type: 2WD Includes one Type 540 motor. Tire Diameter F/R: Both 130mm

Required Items (Sold Separately)

R/C Unit: Adspec GT-I or 2-channel R/C system with FET Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent

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