1/10 RC Car Series No 278 (ITEM 58278)
Lancia 037 Rally
Lancia 037 Rally

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Rear view Car body and drivers TA03R-S Cassis Tire and wheel Damper
Chassis color will be black in production model.

About the Lancia 037 Rally
The Lancia 037 Rally was developed in accordance with 1983 World Rally Championship, Group B regulations. Adapted from the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, the glass-fiber reinforced resin body was designed by Sergio Pininfarina and encases a 2 liter 4 cylinder super-charged engine that boasts over 300 horse power. The car's reliability and top condition helped earn it the title of Manufacturers' Champion.

About the Model
Realistic, Detailed Reproduction of Car Body
A reproduction accurate to the smallest parts with a resin strengthened body, the model features the Lancia's trademark 4-headlight unit. The model even includes driver and co-driver figures, as well as stickers used in the Monte Carlo rally.

High-Efficiency Belt Transmission 4WD
A hardened bathtub type FRP main frame serves as the backbone for the high-efficiency 4WD belt transmission. Also tightly fastened gearboxes in the front and rear of the car contain a total of 9 ball bearings, minimizing drive loss and maximizing efficiency.

Independent 4-wheel suspension equipped with wheel dampers
4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension for excellent road holding equipped with high-shock absorbing wheel dampers. Authentic semi-slick tires to get you psyched up for intense rally car action.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 416mm Overall width: 186mm Overall height: 130mm Minimum clearance: 8mm Weight fully equipped: 1,700g (including battery) Wheel base: 237mm Tread (front and rear): 157mm Chassis material: ABS Resin Type Chassis type: Bath-tub chassis Steering tie rods: divided in three segments
Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 10 deg./3 deg. Camber angle (f/r): 1.5 deg.
Toe angle (f/r): 0 deg. (variable)/1.5 deg. Dampers (f/r): CVA Damper super mini/CVA Damper mini II Drive train: belt driven mid-ship full-time 4WD Gear ratio: 8.51:1(OP gear use 4.76-9.93) Diff gear system (f/r): three bevel diff Speed Controller: amplifier Tire width (f/r): 27mm Tire diameter (f/r): 65mm
Tire Pattern (f/r): semi-slick racing Type 540 motor

Separately Available Items
RC Unit: Adspec GT-I or 2-channel RC system with amplifier Battery: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent For assembly and painting plastic model adhesive and paints are available.