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We scoured through the vaults of Tamiya headquarters and found two original Wild Willy kits and three built up cars!
A photo of one of these cars can be seen in "The Wild Willy Story".

Buckle up and Hold on!!
If you like kickin' up lots of dirt and powering around off-road courses like a wild man, you've just found your machine! Wild Willy 2's reliable mechanics and ease-of-control enable R/C enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy dynamic off-road action. Take a gander at the images below for a close-up look at Willy at his wildest.

The Wild Willy Story
*This section introduces the original Wild Willy and explains a little about its rich history. For those of you played with Wild Willy as a kid (or for those of you who wish you had), let's take a trip back in time to 1982, when it all began...
Original Wild Willy Water Resistant Chassis
The original Wild Willy had its R/C mechanics positioned in a sealed box, allowing for running in shallow water and mud. Careful attention was paid to water resistance, with features such as a vinyl encasing for the motor and a rubber cover for the power switch.

Willy to Star at Hobby Show
It has been decided that Wild Willy 2 will make his official debut at the Tokyo Hobby Show in October. If you are going to be in the Tokyo area in October, come and check out Willy's comical style and sturdy construction. Detailed information on the Tokyo Hobby Show will be posted shortly on this website, so keep your eyes peeled.
Running Demo at the Modelers' Gallery
Wild Willy 2 showed off some of his tricks at the "Tamiya Modelers' Gallery" held from August 25th through 31st at the Hankyu Shopping Center in Kobe, Japan. Spectators were lined up to see the exciting action and dynamic wheelie running that only Wild Willy 2 can provide. The staff of the event were especially amazed with the intensity of the onlookers. In particular, elementary school kids, who made up most of the crowd, let out cries of joy every time a wheelie was popped!

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