Wild Willy 2 Club First Meeting
Unveiling of Wild Willy 2 Photos!
The Wild Willy Story
Since showing a mere silhouette in our last update, we have received a lot of email responses about Wild Willy 2. Thank you very much to all of you who responded!

Unveiling of the Wild Willy 2 Photos!
Here's a first look at the Wild Willy 2. The comical look of this exciting R/C machine carries on in the tradition of the original Wild Willy. The large headlight equipped front grille and realistically reproduced body is made of reinforced ABS resin. The detailed cockpit features a driver figure, steering wheel, gearshift, fire extinguisher, all crisply recreated. Needless to say, Wild Willy 2 is ready to perform dynamic wheelies at your every whim. The rear of this vehicle is equipped with a "Wheelie Bar" made of resilient nylon. The wheel on the end of the bar functions as a balance and reduces friction during wheelie running. The spring equipped front bumper and the roll bar with metal core protects the vehicle in the event of collision. The various markings have been included as stickers. Wild Willy 2
Click on the pictures below!
front grille driver
cockpit wheelie bar stickers
**Next Meeting-The Mechanics of Wild Willy**

The Wild Willy Story
This section introduces the original Wild Willy and explains a little about its rich history. For those of you played with Wild Willy as a kid (or for those of you who wish you had), letfs take a trip back in time back to 1982, when it all beganc
Original Wild Willy Wild Who??
First released under the name "Wild Willis", the original version of the Wild Willy hit the shelves in 1982. The first off-road model to be fitted with a differential gear, the Wild Willy displayed easy to operate, dynamic running, making it an instant favorite of both children and adults. The combination of its solid mechanics, exciting wheelie running, and highly detailed body created a huge sensation among fans of both R/C cars and scale models.

Don't Miss the Next Meeting!
Thanks for taking part in the first meeting of The Wild Willy 2 Club! The next meeting will be coming to your computer shortly so check back with us soon. Next time, we will thoroughly analyze the mechanics of Wild Willy 2, so don't forget your mechanics' coveralls!

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