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Item No:57102

TamTech-Gear (Assembly Kits) No.2


Length: 266mm. Image shows assembled chassis.

BIY - Build It Yourself
Beginner R/C fans often feel intimidated by the perceived complexity of R/C assembly kits and shy away from buying them. However, driving around on the track is only half the fun, because building and customizing your car from the ground up is truly an enjoyable experience. Tamiya is now proud to present this new chassis kit to help promote the building side of the hobby to beginner fans. The GB-01 chassis is the perfect first build due to its simplicity and user-friendly engineering, allowing first-time builders to experience the building process without being overwhelmed by a large number of parts. In additon, fans can choose from the extensive range of TamTech-Gear Option Parts to experience customizing their machines. This chassis kit features CVA oil dampers that are not otherwise available in the ready-to-run TamTech-Gear products.

●Length: 266mm ●Width: 181mm ●Wheelbase: 177mm ●Maximum Speed: 17km/h (approx.) ●Up to 30 minutes of normal running on a fully-charged standard battery.  ●Tread: 161mm (Front), 156mm (Rear) ●Tire Width/Diameter: 21/61mm (Front), 26/64mm (Rear) ●Frame: High-strength resin monocoque frame  ●Drivetrain: Rear-mounted motor, rear-wheel 2WD ●Diff. Gear: Ball Diff. ●Steering: 3-piece tie rod type ●Suspension: Front/Rear double wishbone  ●Dampers: CVA oil dampers ●Gear Ratio: 10.86:1 ●Motor: Type RK370 ●Speed Controller: ESC (sold separately)

Information is current as of February 27, 2007. Specifications are subject to change without notice.