1/25 Radio Control Tank Series (Item 56601)
(This item has been discontinued.)

German Tank Panther-A

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Prowl of the Panther
In June 1941, the fearsome war machine of the Wehrmacht rolled into Russia to be greeted by an even more powerful force, the new Russian KV-1 and T-34 tanks. The sloped armor and powerful 76.2mm gun equipped T-34 made it both offensively and defensively superior to the main tanks of the Wehrmacht at that time, the Pz.Kpfw.III and Pz.Kpfw.IV. To rectify this imbalance, Germany started work on the Panzerkampfwagen V, more commonly known as the Panther. Like the T-34, its armor was constructed with ample slopes. It was mounted with a 70caliber 75mm main gun which could penetrate the armor of a T-34 at even a frontal assault. The Model A Panther was equipped with various improvements over the Model D version, including a ball-mounted hull machine gun, stronger wheel fixings, and an armored cupola in the turret.

The Panther-A as an R/C Tank!!
Moveable Suspension
Delight in the fascinating assembly of the resin torsion bar equipped suspension, which moves just like that of the full-size tank. Rolling over obstacles and undulations in the ground, the preassembled tracks and suspension express the ample weightiness of the real Panther-A.
Twin Gearbox with 280-type Motors
Mounting and assembly of the left/right independent twin gearbox to the compact chassis is simple and fun. Two 280-type motors with carbon brushes boast high endurance and efficient energy consumption, enabling about one hour of continuos running over flat ground (when using alkaline batteries.)
DMD Control Unit (T-02) for Smooth Performance
The Panther-A is equipped with a DMD Control Unit (T-02), which consists of a FET amplifier for running of the motor and a control unit for precise steering. These technologies provide the user with superb control potential, including forward/reverse, rolling turns, pivots, and super-pivots, over a wide range of speeds. R/C car enthusiasts will especially delight in the unique control of this vehicle.
Authenticity that only Tamiya can Provide
From the powerful turret to the highly detailed engine grille, the Panther-A overflows with realism. This R/C tank features all the improvements of the Model A Panther, including the ball mounted hull machine gun, observation slit equipped armored cupola, and reinforced road wheels. Kit also includes markings for three different Wehrmacht divisions and four figures of realistic expression.

DMD Control Unit T-02
DMDコントロールユニット T-02 The high quality DMD Control Unit T-01 is used in the 1/16 M4 Sherman and King Tiger R/C Tanks. For the 1/25 Panther-A, the T-02 version of the DMD Control Unit has been adopted. The T-02 takes up only 64% of the mounting space compared to the T-01 DMD Control Unit and is designed for use with the 280-type motors. This control system enables user to control a variety of movements such as forward/reverse, rolling turns, pivots, and super pivots over a wide range of speed. We invite you to take the commander's seat of your very own Panther-A!

Model Specifications:
Overall length: 355mm Overall width: 135mm Overall height: 144mm (including figure) Weight fully equipped: 800g Minimum clearance: 20mm Wheel base: 220mm Tread: 107mm Chassis material: plastic Suspension: torsion bar Drive train: left/right independent twin gearbox Gear ratio: 39.73:1 Control system: DMD Control Unit T-02 Track width: 27.5mm Track length 542mm (variable) Two 280-motors included.

Required Items:
2-channel R/C Transmitter Running battery: 4 Tamiya Power Champ SP alkaline batteries or UM3 (AA) Ni-Cd batteries. Batteries for transmitter: UM3 (AA) batteries x 8

*If using an older Sanwa reciever (black case), an S-connector is necessary (sold separately).
*Warning: Do not use battery with voltage higher than the amount specified in kit.