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1/14 R/C Truck Series no.23
Scania R620 6x4 Highline
Item No: 56323

Length: 520mm. Image shows finished model.
(Transmitter, battery pack, and charger are included for Japan market only.)

Scintillating Realism
Scania is a world-famous manufacturer of large trucks and buses, and this is an R/C model of the 620hp V8-powered 3-axle R620 6X4 Highline, the flagship model of their 2005 International Truck of the Year-winning R-Series range. The characteristic styling of the truck's body is reproduced down to the smallest detail. The cabin tilts forward just like the actual truck and the included grille mesh and metal transfer emblems further enhance the realism look of the truck. The model features a ladder frame chassis with aluminum channels, 3-speed transmission, suspension with metal leaf springs and friction dampers, and rear axles equipped with differentials. Exterior details such as side panels, fuel tanks, and rear fenders provide the finishing touches. Kit-included coupler enables linkage with any of Tamiya's currently available 1/14 scale trailers, and the R620 is compatible with a wide range of Tractor Truck Option Parts as well.

White LEDs accurately recreate the HID lights on the actual truck.

Red and orange LEDs allow drivers to operate turn signal and brake light operations.

■Tilting Cabin
Cabin tilts forward separately from the fenders, just like the full-sized truck.

■Kit-included Coupler
MFC-01 provides sound effects for attaching/detaching any of the currently available trailers.

■Double Rear Axles
Both rear axles are individually equipped with a differential for smooth cornering performance.

■Realistic 3-Piece Rear Fenders
The fenders which cover the rear wheels are unique to European trucks and feature 3-piece construction, just like the actual parts.

※Model shown in images has separately available Semi-trailer Light Set (Item 56502) and Motorized Support Legs (Item 56505) installed.

【 Realistic Lights, Sounds, and Vibration 】 Multi-Function Control Unit (MFC-01) (included for Japanese market only) offers light, sound, and vibration operation to accompany your R/C truck experience. Engine sounds have been digitally recorded from the actual truck, and together with air horn, gear shifting, and many other realistic sounds, lets you feel like you are driving the real thing. Headlights, brake lights, and turn signal operations are also available at your fingertips.

Head light Fog lamp Roof lamp Tail light Turn signals
Hazard lamp Speed indicator Back light Auxiliary lamp

Alarm 1 Alarm 2 Engine starter Idling Air dryer
Revving Running without trailer Running with trailer Coupler attachment Coupler detachment
Down-shifting Up-shifting Air discharging 1 Air discharging 2 Exhaust brake
Brake Short honk Continuous honk Turn signal 1 Turn signal 2
Hazard lamp Back alarm Parking brake Engine stop

Engine start/stop switching Horn/Support leg switching Light on/off switching
Turn signal/Hazard lamp switching Running/Revving switching

※The above is a full list of functions that the MFC-01 is capable of. Some functions may not be compatible with the Scania R620.

5 Types of Separately Available Semi-Trailers
Five types of trailer including semi-trailer, tank-trailer, and pole-trailer, are currently available to choose from. Attach any one of them to the Scania R620 to create an exciting combination that is over 1 meter long. Furthermore, the Multi-Function Control Unit (MFC-01) allows realistic low-speed running with semi-trailer attached.

●Length: 520mm, Width: 187mm, Height: 293mm, Weight (without options): Approx. 3.7kg ●Wheelbase: 237+103mm ●Tread: 156mm (Front), 138mm (Rear, Double Tire) ●Chassis: Aluminum & Polycarbonate Resin Ladder Frame ●Suspension: Front/Rear Leaf Springs ●Caster Angle (Front/Rear): 0°/0° ●Camber Angle: 0°(Front & Rear) ●Toe Angle: 0°(Front & Rear) ●Dampers: Aluminum Dummy Dampers (Front & Rear) ●Drivetrain: Rear Double Axle Drive ●Transmission: 3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter) ●Gear Ratio: (1st Gear) 32.49:1, (2nd Gear) 17.76:1, (3rd Gear) 10.66:1 ●Diff. Gear: 3-bevel diff ●Motor: Type RS540 ●Tire Width: 22mm (Front & Rear) ●Tire Diameter: 83mm (Front & Rear) ●Included Items (Japan only): 4-channel transmitter, MFC-01, 2 servos, 7.2V running battery & charger ●Requires eight R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter (sold separately).

Information is current as of April 21, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.