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1/16 R/C Tank Series no.30
Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 Gigant Full-Option Kit
Item No: 56030

Length: 443mm. Image shows finished model.

The Russian Moving Fortress
Tamiya is proud to release the 1/16 scale R/C assembly kit of the Russian heavy tank KV-2 which terrified German forces during WWII. The dynamic form of the KV-2's rectangular turret has been accurately reproduced, and accessories such as the tow cables and tool boxes highlight its superb exterior details. Many metal parts have also been incorporated with the chassis to ensure high durability. In addition to forward/reverse running and left/right turning, the tank also features realistic barrel and hull recoil actions when firing the main gun. The front machine gun also features muzzle flash effect and firing sounds, while both the headlight and taillight are controllable as well. The Full Operation Set (Item 56029, Japan market only) conveniently includes a 4-channel transmitter, 7.2V battery, and a battery charger. Add the separately available Battle System and you can even have mock battles with other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks.

Realistic Mobility
Rear-mounted pre-assembled gearbox features Type 380 motors for plenty of power. Metal parts such as the lower hull, suspension arms, and drive sprockets ensure durability. The suspension is just like that on an actual KV-2 and features metal torsion bars and pre-assembled resin tracks to absorb terrain undulations. In addition, the DMD Control Unit T-08 features a special low-speed setting which enables slow lumbering movements for even greater realism.

Main Gun Firing
During main gun firing, the barrel-mounted LED flashes, firing sound roars from the onboard speaker, and the turret recoil unit and drivetrain gearbox work in conjunction to produce realistic barrel and hull recoil movement.

■The gun barrel offers 24 degrees elevation and 4 degrees depression. Push control stick 2 forward/rearwards to move the gun.

■The turret features full 360 degrees rotation. Push control stick 1 to the left/right for rotation. Rotating speed is controlled by stick movement.

■Features metal torsion bars and pre-assembled resin tracks to recreate realistic lumbering movement of the tank.

■During firing, the barrel-mounted LED flashes, firing sound roars from the onboard speaker. Realistic barrel and hull recoil movement are also reproduced.

■The front 7.62mm machine gun also features muzzle flash effect and firing sounds.

■Turning on/off the headlight is controllable via transmitter input.

■Turning on/off the taillight is also controllable via transmitter input. It also works as a brake light.

■Full Operation Set (Item 56029, Japan Market Only) conveniently includes 4-Channel transmitter, 7.2V Battery, and Battery Charger.

■DMD Control Unit T-08 controls various movements of the tank. DMD Multi Function Unit MF-06 provides many realistic sound and light effects.

About the KV-2
The Russian KV-2 heavy tank was developed to break up Finnish strongholds at the Mannerheim line during the Winter War in 1939. Its giant rectangular turret was mounted on the KV-1’s hull and was armed with a 152mm howitzer which could fire shells of various types of ammunition, including special armor-piercing shells to attack concrete pillboxes. They were deployed in the summer of 1941 to counter the German invasion of Russia, and there was a famous episode where a single KV-2 blocked the German advance for several days. The KV-2 was feared by German soldiers, who called it "Gigant (giant)" as a mark of respect.

●Length: 443mm, Width: 210mm, Height: 205mm, Weight: 3600g ●Metal parts for chassis, suspension arms, and drive sprockets ensure high strength and durability. ●Aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched radiator grilles included. ●All actions accompanied by realistic sounds, especially the engine sounds, which were digitally recorded from the actual 38.8 liter V12 diesel engine at the Kubinka Tank Meseum in Russia. The speaker is installed onto the chassis center to emit realistic sounds. ●DMD Units included.

Separately Required Items
●4-channel Transmitter ●Battery pack and charger ●8xR6/AA/UM3 Batteries for Transmitter

Option Parts

Battle System
Item No: 53447
This unique infrared system allows realistic battle simulation when equipped on two or more Tamiya R/C tanks. Sounds for taking a hit and engine damage, plus reduced speeds and delayed control responses mimic battle damage. System has 30m maximum indoor range. (Image shows system installed on Leopard 2A6.)

Information is current as of October 20, 2009. Specifications are subject to change without notice.