1/16 RC Tank Series No.10 (ITEM 56010)
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Tiger I Early Production Full-Option Complete Kit

1/16 RC Tiger I (Early Production Version)

You'll Swear It's a Real Tank !
Tamiya has put incredible power and versatility of the German Tiger I in your fingertips with this 1/16 scale, fully functional R/C tank. Just some of the many functions this tank is capable of have been recorded in the video clips below. First check out the firing of the main cannon, complete with true to life flash and cannon recoil. The shot is so powerful that it actually causes the tank itself to recoil, just like the full size Tiger I. Then, click on the next image to see the cannon rotate, tracking down the enemy and preparing to fire. Next is the firing of the authentically recreated 7.92mm MG34 machine gun! Finally, take a gander at how the Tiger I moves on its durable resin and metal tracks. (Please understand that downloading images may take some time.)

*1/16 scale Radio Controlled Assembly Model Kit (overall length: 530mm, overall width: 232mm)
*A four-channel RC unit is necessary to operate this kit. Two 7.2V Tamiya Racing Packs (or equivalent) and charger are also required.

Seeing is Believing-Click on Video Clips Below
Booming Cannon
4 Seconds (576KB)
Booming Cannon

Wake the neighbors with the thundering sound and flash of the main gun. First the cannon, and then the tank itself actually recoils just like the real Tiger I! Also, staying true to the full-size tank, a nine second interval is required between each shot.
Fully raise the trim on right side and raise right control stick.
Search and Destroy!
10 Seconds (800KB)
Search and Destroy!

Locate and lock-on your enemy's position with the massive turret.
Move your left control stick left or right to rotate turret. Move the right stick up or down to raise or lower the cannon.
Auxiliary Weapon
3 Seconds (512KB)
Auxiliary Weapon

For close encounters, the Tiger I was equipped with a 7.92mm MG34 machine gun. Machine gun fires continuously for 3 seconds. Click on video clip at left for sound and fire!
Fully lower the right trim and then fully lower the right control stick.
Unstoppable Suspension
9 Seconds (704KB)
Unstoppable Suspension

Smooth forward/reverse movement, running turns, pivoting, super pivoting-they are all possible with the 1/16 Tiger I. Realistic suspension features independently moving road wheels and durable resin/metal-rod tracks.
Move the left stick up or down for advancing and retreating. Move the right stick from left or right to make turns and pivots.

Powerful engine sound

Just about every sound the real Tiger I made can be made on Tamiya's 1/16 scale Tiger I. When the tank is switched on, either a manual crank start sound, or an automatic engine start sound is heard. After your engine is turned over, its time to move the tank around. As you accelerate, the engine thundering increases just like the real Tiger I. Stop the tank, and the sound of authentic idling begins. Once you have located your target, rotate the massive turret and listen to the grinding of gears of the real German war machine. The more you control this R/C tank, the more you will feel like the commander of the full size Tiger I !

The Thundering of the Maybach Engine
The only working King Tiger tank in the world is on display at the Saumur Tank Museum in France. Since the Tiger I used basically the same type of Maybach powerplant, some Tamiya staff members made their way to France to investigate. They recorded all the sounds of the real tank including; battery start-up, crank start-up, fly-wheel sound, etc. All the sounds of the enormous V-12 700hp engine have been clearly recorded and are waiting for you in Tamiya's 1/16 R/C Tiger I kit.

The Roar of the Tiger...
The Sound of an Engine Start Up
20 Seconds(1.4MB)
8 Seconds(700KB)
Here is a look at the sound recording session at the Saumur Museum. The upper file contains the sound of an engine start up. The lower one features the moment the engine back-fires.

Notes about Video Clips

If using Windows, after downloading the file, choose one of the programs listed below to play video clip.
*Windows95: Windows Media Player (from Start Menu: Programs/Accessories/Multi-media)
*Windows98: Windows Media Player or Active Movie ControlfromstartMenu:Programs/Accessories/Entertainment)
If using Macintosh, after downloading the file, use QuickTime Player to view video clip.