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Item No:56010

1/16 R/C Tank Series No.10


Length: 530 mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Realism enhanced by authentic sounds
The Tiger I was a stalwart of the WWII conflict, and is brought to life in smaller scale by this R/C model assembly kit. You the modeler are put in control of forward and reverse, plus a variety of turns, turret rotation and even gun elevation - the 88mm gun flashes upon firing, and the tank jolts backward to simulate recoil. Even better, all of these actions are accompanied by realistic sounds to fully immerse you in the model.

Choose your engine start sound!
The full-size Tiger I could be started via motor or (in colder times) manually; naturally, we wanted to provide exceptional realism in this model so we have recreated both. Turn on the transmitter first for the manual hand crank start sound, or the receiver first for the starter cell motor. 

♦Scale: 1/16 ♦Length: 530mm ♦Width: 232mm ♦Height: 188mm ♦Weight (includes battery and R/C equipment): 4,100g ♦Box type lower hull uses reinforced resin and 1mm thickness duralumin ♦Die-cast drive sprockets, idler wheels and suspension arms ♦Working suspension uses torsion bar spring setup ♦Pre-assembled gearbox with 4 ball bearings ♦Toughened plastic tracks are pre-assembled with metal link rods ♦Moving turret hatches ♦T-03 DMD control unit 

Separately Required Items
R6/AA/UM3 batteries x8

  • See the muzzle flash and hear the roar as the model fires its 88mm gun, rocking backward to simulate recoil. Please note that the model's gun does not fire shells.

  • 340 degrees of turret rotation are on offer, and the main gun has an elevation range of around 20 degrees. This motion and its speed is controlled via the transmitter's control sticks.

  • The model's combination of torsion bar suspension and tough tracks with metal pins equips it marvelously to ride over rough terrain. Die-cast sprocket wheels and idler wheels, plus rubber road wheel rims are inspired by the materials used on the real tank.

  • A figure is included for placement in the commander's cupola, whose hatch shows off superb detail such as levers.

  • At 530mm long this is a seriously large model, as evidenced by this comparison with our 1/35 scale static model kit. Its sheer size lets us recreate lots of detail!

  • This unit fits neatly inside the turret, and takes care of turret rotation, gun elevation and recoil.

  • The sound unit has a 60mm speaker giving deep, rich sounds.

  • The pre-assembled gearbox has a pair of Type 380 motors, with a torqueful 36.98:1 gear ratio helping shift this 4kg-plus model.

  • The T-03 DMD Control Unit and Multi Function Unit facilitate model, turret and gun movement at various speeds.

  • The package even doubles as a handy carry case!

  • Inside the package is this 74 x 47 x 18cm interior box, which showcases Tamiya's famed boxart.

  • Flip open the lid to see the model parts and get an introduction to its various functions.

Information is current as of November 29, 2023. Specifications are subject to change without notice.