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Limited Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C TA04-R Tuned Chassis Kit
Item No: 49297

Image shows assembled kit.
*Body, R/C unit and battery not included.

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TA04-R Tuned Chassis, Designed for Victory
The 2-belt driven 4WD TA04-R chassis has been paired with a full range of optional parts to create the top performance TA04-R Tuned Chassis. This chassis is equipped with a double deck frame and front/rear damper stays made of SSG carbon, which is carbon coated with aluminum fibers that will provide you not only with high performance, but also add a unique look to your car. The TA04-R Tuned Chassis is a pure racer and will satisfy drivers who desire top performances.

Featured Components
★Carbon Reinforced Resin Lower Deck ★TRF Dampers (Fluorine Coated) ★Aluminum Rear Bulkhead Beam ★Aluminum Servo Stay ★Universal Shaft ★Urethane Bumper ★5mm Aluminum Ball Connector (10 pcs.) ★Medium-Narrow Reinforced Tires Type A ★Medium-Narrow Soft Inner Foam (1 Pair) ★TA04 Ball Differential Unit ★TA04 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink ★5-Spoke Wheels ★Full Ball Bearings ★TA04 Front Stabilizer (Yellow) ★TA04 Rear Stabilizer (Yellow) ★Short Spring (Medium) ★4mm Hard Lock-Nut & Spacer Set ★TA04 Aluminum Hub Set For Spur Gear ★TA04 Racing Hub Carrier Set ★TA04 Toe-In Rear Uprights ★TA04 Low Friction Belt (Front) ★TA04 Low Friction Belt (Rear) ★SSG Carbon Upper Deck ★SSG Carbon Front Damper Stay ★SSG Carbon Rear Damper Stay ★SSG Battery Holder ★Aluminum Mount Screws

Basic Specifications
★Length: 355mm ★Overall width: 186mm ★Clearance: 5mm ★Weight fully equipped: 1,420g ★Wheelbase: 257mm ★Tread F/R: both 162mm ★Chassis Material: Carbon/Carbon fiber reinforced nylon ★Chassis Shape: Double Deck Frame ★Steering Tie Rod: 3-part ★Suspension: Front and Rear Double Wishbone ★Caster Angle F/R: 6deg/2deg ★Camber Angle F/R: adjustable ★Toe Angle F/R: 0 deg. adjustable/4deg ★Damper: F/R TRF Damper (Fluorine Coated) ★Transmission Type: Belt Mid-ship Full-time 4WD ★Gear Ratio: 5.69:1 (kit standard) ★Diff. gear system: F/R Ball Diff ★Electronic Speed Controller ★Tire Width: F/R both 24mm ★Tire Diameter: F/R both 64mm ★Tread Pattern: F/R Slicks

Specifications are subject to change without notice.