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1/35 R/C Tank Battle System Series no.1
German Panther Type G Late Version (w/2.4GHz Control Unit)
Item No: 48209

Length: 257mm. Image shows finished model.

Dynamic Tank Battles
This 1/35 scale assembly kit R/C tank features exciting and realistic maneuverability with sound and light effects. Kit includes pre-assembled gearboxes and turret rotation unit for ease of assembly. Forward/reverse running, left/right turning, sharp turning, and pivoting, as well as turret rotation and main gun elevation/depression can be controlled. The onboard speaker produces realistic sound effects such as engine sounds, main gun firing, damage sounds and explosions. Main gun muzzle flash and hull recoil effect are also reproduced. Tamiya's unique infrared light system will allow you to have battles with two or more tanks. The model features highly detailed upper hull with lower hull and road wheels specially designed for R/C operation.

German Panther Type G Late Version
At the beginning of WWII, German tanks were defeated by Russian T-34 medium tanks and in order to counter them, Germany created the Panther V and were deployed to frontlines in 1943. It featured excellent defensive abilities, had sloped armor plates, powered by a 700ps Maybach HL230P30 4-stroke V12 gasoline engine which provided them with a top speed of 55km/h. It was armed with a 70 caliber 7.5cm long-barreled tank gun which was as powerful as the Tiger I’s 8.8cm gun. Evolved from the Type D and A, the Panther Type G was put into production from March 1944. Later in 1944, the Type G received more extensive modifications which included an angle-bottomed gun mantlet, exhausts with flame dampers, and heater units on top of the engine grilles. Overall 2,953 Panther Gs were produced until the final factory was captured by Allied forces in April 1945. The Panther G went on to serve as Germany's main battle tank until the end of the war.

Light Prism

Infrared Sensor
Battle System
This battle system emanates infrared light when the gun is fired. When the light sensor unit receives a hit, MC-06 Control Unit produces various effects such as damage and engine trouble sounds, speed reduction, as well as the depression of the main gun when "knocked out".

The shape and length of the infrared LED housing is optimized for small area tank battles.

Light sensor unit has a 360 degrees range.

LED indicator flashes or changes color to show the tank's status during battle.

2.4GHz System
2.4GHz system eliminates the need for frequency crystals, allowing multiple models to operate in one area. Digital proportion enables fine speed and turning controls.

Simple and practical layout.

Includes a Trim Dial for fine adjustments.
Easy Operation
Left stick controls forward/reverse and left/right turning, while right stick controls turret rotation and gun elevation. Main/machine gun firing and engine start/stop can be operated by 4 buttons. Volume adjustment and tank mode change can also be operated by the transmitter.

Separately Required Items
●Tank: R03/AAA/UM4 Battery x4 ●Control Unit: 6F22/006P(9V) Battery x1

Information is current as of August 30, 2010. Specifications are subject to change without notice.