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Special Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C TA07RR Chassis Kit
Item No: 47445

Image shows assembled kit.
*Body, motor, R/C equipment, wheels and tires are sold separately.

Instruction Manual Correction
A correction has been issued for the assembly instruction manual for this product.
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A Real Racer
This 4WD R/C touring car chassis assembly kit takes the single-belt driven, composite frame TA07 PRO chassis and pairs it with a range of option parts for an ultra-racy car. A dedicated carbon fiber front-center stiffener elevates pitch rigidity without sacrificing roll flex while boosting front grip and cornering, and a refined drivetrain uses double cardan drive shafts, TRF420 front axles, aluminum center pulley and more. Aluminum adjustable suspension mounts and parts from the TRF419 suspension upgrade set further bolster the car, as do a dedicated servo mount and soft stabilizers. Of course, the three selectable motor positions are still available for great freedom of setup.

Featured Components
Carbon fiber front-center stiffener Aluminum stiffener mount Aluminum servo mount Carbon-reinforced A parts (bulkheads) Aluminum adjustable suspension mounts TRF419 suspension upgrade set TRF420 front direct pulley (37T) TRF420 gear differentials TRF 420 front axles 42mm drive shafts for double cardan shafts TRF super short big bore dampers TRF420 steel front direct cups Integrated stabilizer end 5mm adjusters TA07 carbon damper stay set (for TRF super short big bore dampers) TA07 aluminum steering arm set TA07 adjustable Ackerman set TRF super short big bore damper upgrade set

This image gives a close-up view of the suspension with the included adjustable Ackerman set parts installed.

At the front, double cardan drive shafts and TRF420 design axles contribute to superior performance.

Soft stabilizers are included in the kit: super soft and soft for the front, plus super soft for the rear of the car.

Carbon front-center stiffener, plus aluminum stiffener mount and servo mount give great rigidity.

The included aluminum adjustable servo horn facilitates simple changes to steering setup.

The 2mm carbon fiber center stiffener has a vital role, raising pitch rigidity for smooth belt motion.

The aluminum motor mount ensures that your motor is firmly affixed, and even works as a heat sink.

Aluminum adjustable suspension mounts front and rear allow a whole range of different setups.

Carbon fiber damper stays and TRF super short big bore dampers contribute to an outstanding ride.

Chassis Length: 370mm Chassis Width: 187mm Wheelbase: 257mm Composite Plastic Lower Deck & Upper Frame 3 possible transverse motor positions Single Belt-Driven 4WD Front Direct Coupling, Rear Gear Differential 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod 4-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspension

Separately Required Items
Body Type 540 motor Tires Wheels 2-channel R/C system w/ESC R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter Battery pack & charger

Information is current as of September 26, 2020. Specifications are subject to change without notice.