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Special Edition R/C Product
1/10 R/C Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler 1977 Monaco GP
Special Edition (Painted Body)

Item No: 47392

Length: 430mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Six of the Best
The Tyrrell P34 featured a revolutionary design with four front wheels, which made its debut during the 1976 season. The following year, First National City Bank became the team's main sponsor and the cars were given a blue and white livery and more aerodynamic full-body fairing. However, the cars reverted to the previous year's semi-fairing for the Monaco Grand Prix. This special edition R/C model assembly kit depicts the 1977 Monaco GP Tyrrell P34, with the polycarbonate body, engine, rear wing and more pre-painted, plus complex sections pre-cut. Simply paint the driver and apply stickers to complete the body!

Special 6-Wheeled F103 Chassis
The high performance direct drive 2WD chassis utilizes a semi double deck frame with 1.5mm thick upper and 2.5mm thick lower FRP plates. Kingpin coil spring 4-wheel independent front suspension consists of the one-piece lower arm and individual left/right upper arms. One servo controls the steering of all four front wheels. The rear suspension features a rigid T-bar with a TRF damper and low-friction pads. The spur gear has a built-in ball diff for limited slip effect. Grippy sponge tires masterfully harness the power provided by the torque-tuned motor.

★The unique form of the 1977 Monaco GP Tyrrell P34 is recreated in style by this R/C model assembly kit.

★Marking stickers are included to recreate helmet for either P. Depailler (pictured) or R. Peterson.

★This image shows the pre-painted air funnels attached to the depiction of the car's V8 engine.

★Polycarbonate body components come pre-painted, and the more complex body sections are pre-cut.

★The front wheels are steered by a single servo with hi-torque servo saver. Tires are grippy sponge.

★A close-up image of the front kingpin coil spring suspension for independent left/right damping.

★Left: Hi-spec components such as torque-tuned motor, TRF damper and low-friction pads are included.

★Right: A peek at the highly realistic looking rear with metal stays mounting rear wing and oil cooler.

★Length: 430mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 108mm ★Tread: 140mm (Front), 155mm (Rear) ★Tire Width/Diameter: 23/44mm (Front), 45/64mm (Rear) ★FRP Semi-Double Deck Frame ★Direct Drive RWD ★Ball Differential ★2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ★Suspension: Front King Pin Coil Spring, Rear T-Bar Rigid ★Gear Ratio = 4.5:1 (using 14T pinion/63T spur combination) ★Torque-Tuned Motor ★Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★2-Channel R/C System w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery Pack & Charger

Information is current as of May 2, 2019. Specifications are subject to change without notice.