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Tamiya R/C System Series no.46
EXPEC GT-I 2.4G Radio Control System (Basic Set + ESC)
Item No: 45046

No Frequency Crystals Required
This 3-channel radio control system utilizes a 2.4GHz frequency hopping system which eliminates the need for frequency crystals. Designed by world-famous German industrial designer Hans A. Muth, the wheel/trigger type transmitter has a distinctive, ergonomic form. The ideally placed steering wheel and trigger offer a user-friendly layout. This set includes a TEU-302BK ESC. Only four R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately) are required for the transmitter, making it lighter and more energy efficient.

Easy to Use Layout
The ideally placed steering wheel and trigger, centrally located servo reverse switch and throttle/steering trim dials; and convenient power switch, 3-channel button, and Throttle ATV/Steering Dual Rate trim dial positions combine to offer a user-friendly layout. Transmitter and receiver are factory paired and no setup is required.

Transmitter does not have an antenna pole.

Adjustment dials are positioned to offer easy-to-use layout.

The compact, lightweight 3ch. receiver is factory-paired with the transmitter.

Only four R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately) are required for the transmitter, which makes it lighter and reduces fatigue from long R/C use.

●Transmitter: TTU-07, Frequency Range: 2.4GHz, Power Supply: 6V (R6/AA/UM3 Battery x4), Current Consumption: Less than 100mA, Antenna: Built-In ●Receiver: TRU-07, Frequency Range: 2.4GHz, Power Supply: 4.8〜6V, Dimensions: 26×39×10mm (excluding protrusions), Weight: 8g ●Servo: TP-S3003 Power Supply: 4.8〜6V (share with receiver), Current Consumption: 8mA (using 6V battery), Output Torque: 4.1kg-cm (using 6V battery), Operating Speed: 0.19sec/60° (using 6V battery), Dimensions: 40.4×19.8×36mm, Weight: 37.2g  ●ESC: TEU-302BK Control System: High Frequency Wave Drive System, Max. Continuous Current (FET Spec): Forward 120A, Reverse 60A, Power Supply: 7.2〜8.4V, Compatible Motor: Electric Motor for R/C cars (over 23 turns), Drive Frequency: 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz (with 3 steps), Output Voltage for Receiver: 6V (Input 7.2V), Dimensions: 33.5×27.2×14.3mm (excluding protrusions), Weight: 48g (body 43g)

About Hans A. Muth
A German industrial designer. After working at Ford of Europe and BMW as an automotive stylist, he became a freelance designer and gained attention for his design of the Suzuki Katana motorcycle in the 1980s. He was involved with product development projects as a design consultant for numerous companies around the world. His work has covered a wide variety of fields ranging from automotive and aerospace design to consumer electronics.

Information is current as of November 9, 2011. Specifications are subject to change without notice.