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Tamiya R/C System Series No.46

Item No:45046

【 No Frequency Crystals Required 】 This 3-channel radio control system utilizes a 2.4GHz frequency hopping system which eliminates the need for frequency crystals. Designed by world-famous German industrial designer Hans A. Muth, the wheel/trigger type transmitter has a distinctive, ergonomic form. The ideally placed steering wheel and trigger offer a user-friendly layout. This set includes a TEU-302BK ESC. Only four R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately) are required for the transmitter, making it lighter and more energy efficient.

【 Easy to Use Layout 】 The ideally placed steering wheel and trigger, centrally located servo reverse switch and throttle/steering trim dials; and convenient power switch, 3-channel button, and Throttle ATV/Steering Dual Rate trim dial positions combine to offer a user-friendly layout. Transmitter and receiver are factory paired and no setup is required.

Transmitter does not have an antenna pole.

Adjustment dials are positioned to offer easy-to-use layout.

The compact, lightweight 3ch. receiver is factory-paired with the transmitter.

Only four R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately) are required for the transmitter, which makes it lighter and reduces fatigue from long R/C use.

【 Specifications 】 ●Transmitter: TTU-07, Frequency Range: 2.4GHz, Power Supply: 6V (R6/AA/UM3 Battery x4), Current Consumption: Less than 100mA, Antenna: Built-In ●Receiver: TRU-07, Frequency Range: 2.4GHz, Power Supply: 4.8〜6V, Dimensions: 26×39×10mm (excluding protrusions), Weight: 8g ●Servo: TP-S3003 Power Supply: 4.8〜6V (share with receiver), Current Consumption: 8mA (using 6V battery), Output Torque: 4.1kg-cm (using 6V battery), Operating Speed: 0.19sec/60° (using 6V battery), Dimensions: 40.4×19.8×36mm, Weight: 37.2g ●ESC: TEU-302BK Control System: High Frequency Wave Drive System, Max. Continuous Current (FET Spec): Forward 120A, Reverse 60A, Power Supply: 7.2〜8.4V, Compatible Motor: Electric Motor for R/C cars (over 23 turns), Drive Frequency: 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz (with 3 steps), Output Voltage for Receiver: 6V (Input 7.2V), Dimensions: 33.5×27.2×14.3mm (excluding protrusions), Weight: 48g (body 43g)

【 About Hans A. Muth 】 A German industrial designer. After working at Ford of Europe and BMW as an automotive stylist, he became a freelance designer and gained attention for his design of the Suzuki Katana motorcycle in the 1980s. He was involved with product development projects as a design consultant for numerous companies around the world. His work has covered a wide variety of fields ranging from automotive and aerospace design to consumer electronics.


Item No:45045 Tamiya R/C System Series No.45

This “Basic Set” does not include an ESC to allow you to use your desired ESC. <NOTE>ESCs without BEC such as TEU-101BK and TEU-104BK are not compatible with the receiver.
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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