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1/10 Engine R/C Car Series No.43 (ITEM 44043)

Overall length=444mm
(Image shows fully assembled and painted model)

Engine Powered 2004 JGTC Champion

Taking out both driver and team titles in this year's Japan GT Championship (JGTC), the Xanavi NISMO Z now makes her way to our 1/10 scale engine R/C car series. Distinctive aerodynamic body form of the 2004 NISMO Z has been accurately replicated with a highly durable polycarbonate body shell. Chassis is based on the shaft drive 4WD TG10-Mk.2 engine chassis, ensuring top speeds and reliable performance.

The Hidden Potential of the TG10-Mk.2s Chassis

The TG10-Mk.2s is a racing oriented glow engine chassis fitted with a powerful 2.1cc FS-12LS engine. Chassis features all the basic settings that any engine racer needs, including a double deck frame consisting of a 3mm duraluminum lower deck and resin upper deck, 75cc fuel tank for approx. 8-minutes running time, efficient transfer of engine power thanks to ball bearing loaded front and rear mounted gearbox, 4-wheel independent wishbone suspension with oil filled dampers, and ball joint suspension arms for easy setting adjustments.

Designed to grow with your engine racing experience a quality selection of option parts are also available (sold separately) including universal shafts, front and rear stabilizers, high grip sponge tires, FR-12R engine, race tuned muffler and racing clutch. This amazing range of grade-up parts allows you to unleash the full potential of the TG10-Mk.2s Chassis, leaving your opposition behind as you clock unbeatable times on the track.

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Basic Specifications

Overall length: 444mm, Overall width: 207mm, Clearance: 4mm, Weight: 1,800g (unfueled) Wheel base: 257mm Tread: 172-176mm (adjustable) Chassis material: Duraluminum, glass fiber reinforced nylon Chassis frame: Double deck Steering tie rod: 3 part Suspension: Double wishbone Caster angle: 0deg (adjustable) Camber angle: Adjustable Toe angle: Adjustable Damper: C.V.A. oil dampers Brake: Disk type Fuel tank capacity: 75cc Transmission type: Shaft drive full-time 4WD Gear ratio: 7.02:1 Diff. gear system: 2-bevel diff Tire width: 24mm Tire diameter: 65mm Tread pattern: Slick w/inner sponge

Required Items (Sold Separately)

R/C Unit: Expec GT-II, or 2 channel R/C system for Glow-Engine R/C Cars w/steering dual rate adjuster Fuel: Appropriate fuel for glow-engine cars such as Tamiya TG Fuel Glow plug heater and fuel filler Batteries for R/C unit and glow plug heater

Expec GT-II

ITEM 45027

Glow Plug Heater & Fuel Filler

ITEM 41056

TG-Fuel Super 20

ITEM 41065

TG-Fuel Super 30

ITEM 41066

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