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1/10 Engine R/C Car Series No. 32 (Item 44032)

TG10R Chassis Kit

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(picture shows fully painted and assembled model).
High-durability Double-deck Frame Front View 2-Speed Transmission TRF Dampers Front Universal Shaft
About the TG10R
The glow-engine (TG10) race scene is now faster and hotter than ever before with the new race version of the glow engine chassis, the TG10R. Made for racing, this chassis employs a 2.5mm thick, hardened carbon double-deck frame. The chassis also packs 4-wheel double wishbone suspension as well as high-efficiency TRF dampers and stabilizers. 2.5mm thick carbon damper stay can be fine-tuned and is highly responsive. This 198mm wide chassis takes on high-speed cornering with remarkable stability. The TG10R chassis employs the same 6mm diameter axles used in the 1/8 Scale R/C Glow Engine Car TGR chassis and brings with it the same power. In response to expert driver demand, this chassis comes fully loaded with specifications necessary for racing on the edge!

Important Racing Features
Full ball bearings Carbon-built upper deck Front/Rear carbon damper stay 2-speed mission High-grade brake disk TRF Damper Front universal shaft Front/Rear stabilizers Medium-narrow tire, type A

Compatible Parts
Customized modification lets you maximize racing performance and take your chassis to the limit. Compatible parts lists can be viewed by clicking on the categories below:
Spare body, wing Tires, wheels,inner foam Glow-engine parts Dampers
Gear types Screw, nut, kingpin Other spare parts Other option parts

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 376mm Overall width: 198mm Total height: 100mm (not including body mounts) Clearance: approx. 7mm (adjustable) Weight fully equipped: 1,580g (unfueled with 4 R6/AAUM3 batteries, Novarossi engine and TM2 Muffler) Wheelbase: 260mm Tread F/R: both 174mm Chassis material: 2.5mm Duralumin +2.0mm Carbon Fiber Chassis shape: double deck frame Steering tie rod: 3 part Suspension: front and rear double wishbone Caster angle-F/R: 8deg/0deg Camber angle-F/R: adjustable Toe angle-F/R: adjustable/1.5deg Damper: F/R TA04R super low-friction Transmission type: Shaft drive full-time 4WD Gear ratio: 8.1:1-6.4:1 (7.5:1-5.6:1) Diff. gear system: F/R 3-bevel diff Fuel tank capacity: 75cc Brake: disk type Tire width: F/R both 24mm Tire diameter: F/R both 64mm Tread pattern: F/R slicks

Required Items
Engine Muffler Manifold Air-cleaner R/C Unit: Adspec GT-II, or 2 channel R/C system for Glow-Engine R/C Cars, and batteries Fuel: appropriate fuel for glow-engine cars such as TG Fuel 2000 or TG Fuel 3000 Fuel pump "Power Champ HP" 1.5V Alkaline booster battery Plug cable/clip Booster cable for use with plug heat alkaline batteries Plug heat alkaline battery TGX/TG10 Engine Starter Box or equivalent

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