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1/10 Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car Series No.25 (ITEM 43525)

(Overall length: 445mm)

Nitro Crusher Promotional Video (Approx 1min 40 seconds)
See the Dynamic Speed and Performance!

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Ready for Engine R/C Truck Racing?
There's nothing else quite like driving an R/C engine truck. Get huge air off jumps and fly through the sky with the greatest of ease. Race across rugged terrain like it was no different that a paved road. Impress your friends with the thrilling exhaust tone and dynamic performance. And best of all, its factory finished to allow you to enjoy the fun right out of the box! The powerful Tamiya FS-15S Engine (2.5cc displacement) features slide carb. Recoil starter is included for easy starting. Oil damped 4-wheel double wishbone suspension features long arms for securing stable running on rough terrain. Overwhelm the opposition with your powerful performance, and spend hours enjoying this versatile and high performance truck.

Shaft Drive 4WD Features Superior Balance and High Power
Reinforced resin lower deck features aluminum diecast engine mount, and locates heavy components such as engine, R/C unit and fuel tank as low and to the center as possible. Front and rear drive shafts, propeller shaft and other drive train components employ universal joints for efficient and reliable power transmission. Big sized 110mm tires feature inner sponges. Front mud guard keeps inside of chassis frame clear of debris during off-road running.

High Performance FS-15S Engine
High revolution .15 engine features large diamter slide carburator and 2.5cc displacement. The engine features recoil starter and ajustable idling, main needle and slow needle to obtain maximum engine performance. All engines have recieved basic pre-tuning before leaving the factory. Precision disc brake system provides the safe and controlled braking necessary for a high-powered engine.

Frontal Impact Control System (FICS)
4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is located in center line for optimum balance. Excellent mechanical grip ensures stable and reliable running. Frontal Impact Control System (FICS) absorbs impact during a front-on collision by an expandable suspension mount, minimizing damage to front suspension arms. Front & rear camber and toe angle is fully adjustable.

Full Set of Large Diameter Bearings
Large diameter 2112 ball bearings are used to provide long lasting performance. Extremely smooth chassis bottom for best skid performance has been obtained by sinking all screw heads and eliminating any height difference between lower deck and aluminum die-cast engine mount.

Trigger Type Transmitter for Precise Control
Transmitter has been specially designed by renowned German industrial designer, H. A. Muth, designer of the Suzuki GSX1000S Katana motorcycle. The unique, ergonomic design, features steering wheel and trigger positioned for optimum performance with minimal distractions. All parts that require a soft touch for precision maneuvering such as steering wheel, trigger and grip have been produced from high quality soft resin. Control switches and trims are located on the front for a user friendly design.

Basic Specifications
Overall length: 445mm
Overall Height: 172mm 
Overall Width: 300mm 
Weight: 2765g (*Weight includes batteries loaded, fuel unloaded)
Chassis frame: Aluminum composite/semi-monocoque
Tread, F/R: 245/248mm
Diff gear system, F/R: 3 Bevel diff
Steering tie-rod: Single crank system
Suspension, F/R: Double wishbone
Damper: CVA Short
Gear Ratio: 12.21:1
Muffler: TM-11 (Polished finish)
Tire Size (width/dia.) F&R: 50/110
Transmission type: Shaft driven full-time 4WD
Engine: FS-15S(2.5cc)
Fuel tank: 75cc
Includes 2-channel transmitter

Items required (sold separately)
Glow plug heater, fuel filler, glow-engine fuel and R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter & receiver

Q&A regarding Engine Start-Up

Simple to follow "How to start-up engine" info with movies for easy comprehension.
Highly recommended for beginners not used to glow-engine R/C cars.

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