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Q&A regarding Engine Start-Up

Simple to follow "How to start-up engine" info with movies for easy comprehension.
Highly recommended for beginners not used to glow-engine R/C cars.

1/10 Factory Assembled Glow-Engine R/C Car Series No.14 (ITEM 43514)

Nitro Thunder is a high-performance fully pre-assembled ready to run glow-engine R/C buggy. Equipped with a high powered 2.5cc glow-engine and lightweight shaft driven 4WD chassis, this gas engine 4WD buggy boasts perfect weight distribution for high speed running on off-road dirt tracks or on-road tarmac circuits.

Awesome High-Speed Running comes Ready to Run!

High Powered FR-15S Glow-Engine
The Nitro Thunder is propelled by the high power .15 size (2.5cc) FR-15S Glow-Engine and features a new rear exhaust layout. The slide carburetor couples with fully adjustable settings including needle valve (for high engine RPM), slow needle (for low to mid RPM) and idle adjustment screw. Controlled braking at top speeds is made possible thanks to an easy to control disk brake based braking system. Employing a recoil starter, your ready-to-run buggy will have a clean start everytime.

Revolutionary Shaft Driven 4WD NDF-01 Chassis

Ready to Run!
Chassis comes fully assembled with engine pre-installed, blue metallic body pre-painted and stickers all fully applied. Radio control system features transmitter designed by internationally renowned German industrial designer, H. A. Muth. Ergonomic design places steering wheel and trigger for optimum driving performance.

Frontal Impact Control System (FICS)
To protect long suspension arms from damage during a front-on collision, the NDF-01 chassis employs a Frontal Impact Control System (FICS) to absorb impact by an expandable suspension mount. For excellent handling and ground holding performance, the chassis incorporates double wishbone front and rear suspension system with adjustable front and rear camber and toe.

High Efficiency & Reliability
Shaft driven 4WD system combines with extended universal shafts to efficiently transmit engine power to front and rear wheels via sealed gearboxes. To handle all this extra power, chassis comes fully equipped with large-sized ball bearings usually only seen in large 1/8 scale engine cars.

Rear Exhaust System
High volume tuned aluminum muffler comes mounted at the rear of chassis for optimum emission efficiency and to maintain a clean chassis and body. Compact fuel tank can load up to 75cc fuel and engine start-up and fueling can be done easily without needing to detach body.

High Balance & Compact Chassis Layout
Shock resistant resin lower deck features built-in aluminum die-cast engine mount, placing engine and chassis components as low and to the center as possible, providing perfect weight distribution. Flat bottom chassis featuring sunken screw heads and no height difference between lower deck and engine mount enables awesome skid performance.

Hop-Up Options

ITEM Parts
53778 NDF-01 Off-Road Spring Set
53781 NDF-01 2112 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.)
53799 NDF-01 Inner Sponge (4 pcs.)


Overall length: 440mm Overall width: 265mm Overall height: 175mm Weight: 2570g (*Including batteries, fuel unloaded) Chassis material: fiber glass based nylon Suspension: Independent double wishbone front and rear suspension Drive train: Shaft driven 4WD Tire width/diameter: 40/90mm (front and rear) 2ch. transmitter included

Items required (sold separately)

Glow plug heater, fuel filler, glow-engine fuel and R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter & receiver

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