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1/8 Factory Assembled Glow Engine R/C Car Series (ITEM No. 43508)


Explosive acceleration, extreme top-speeds and unbeatable running performance all packed into a fully assembled glow engine chassis! The TNX is Tamiya's new and ultimate ready-to-run nitro monster truck. Featuring an awesome power-to-weight ratio the TNX is powered by a high-performance 3.0cc FS-18SR engine developed with the collaboration of O.S. engines. The TGM-03 chassis features a new compact 2-speed transmission designed to ensure consistent shifting and a lightweight double wishbone suspension employing a total of 8 oil dampers for sharp handling and excellent stability. The TNX will out accelerate, out corner and out run just about any truck in its class.

Extreme thrills at 60km/h

100% pure fun!
Nothing quite compares to the feeling of squeezing the trigger, seeing the chassis drop back onto its rear tires at impact of acceleration, and seeing the entire TNX propel forward with that resonating high-tone engine buzz as she works her way up to her top speed of 60km/h. Having complete control of this baby as she rockets around a circuit or your neighborhood is the ultimate in R/C thrills.

High-powered FS-18SR Engine
Developed in collaboration with O.S. Engines, the R/C engine specialists, the TNX is fitted with a finely tuned high-performance FS-18SR engine loaded with the highest quality glow-engine parts, guaranteeing consistent performance at the highest level. The highly efficient TGM-03 chassis 2-speed transmission ensures all that power is efficiently transferred to speed and running performance.

Ultra tough chassis
The TNX features an ultra tough chassis featuring a duraluminum power train deck, a reinforced resin frame, shaft driven 4WD drive train and heavy-duty double wishbone suspension, all the elements necessary for a long lasting durable chassis ready to take-on all types of terrain.

Basic Specifications

Total length: 560mm Total width: 408mm Total height: 260mm Weight Fully-Equipped: 4,400g Wheelbase: 360mm Tire Width: 86mm (both L & R) Tire Diameter: 148mm (both L & R) Gear ratio: 1st gear 26.09:1 2nd gear 17.94:1 Lightweight aluminum flywheel for excellent engine response. Lightweight clutch fitted with reinforced springs for efficient transmission. Full ball bearings Includes radio control unit, electric starter, glow plug heater and necessary maintenance tools.

Batteries and glow-engine fuel not included with model.
Images may differ from actual product.

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