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1/8 Scale Factory Assembled R/C Glow Engine Cars No.3 (ITEM 43503) TGM-02 Chassis

Wild Commando
Total length- 560mm, total width- 425mm, total height- 250mm, weight fully equipped- 4.8Kg

The Explosive Engine Sound, the Sheer Power of it all! Are you ready to go COMMANDO?
Tamiya introduces a variation of the popular Terra Crusher that's dominating the R/C engine-truck scene. The new tires, new engine, and new look of this unique machine will maintain the same awesome power of, but set it aside from the Terra Crusher in way that is purely...COMMANDO. This 1/8 scale factory assembled glow-engine R/C machine boasts a three-colored camouflage pattern, and an ultra durable frame padded by 8 mega oil dampers supporting 4 large diameter tires. And to top this mean machine off, this set comes complete with bonus parts included in the package.

Full set Pre-assembled, full set
Chassis comes pre-assembled with transmitter, starter, and fuel pump also included. Engine comes pre-adjusted. All you have to do is take it out of the box, put the fuel in, and your ready to run.
FRAT Forward/Reverse Full-Speed Automatic Transmission (FRAT)
FRAT enables the Wild Commando to switch to low and high gears when needed to effectively maximize control. FRAT also realizes quick acceleration as well as smooth, controlled reverse driving!
Engine Start Method Engine Start Method
Glow engine can be easily started by connecting electric starter (included) to model and pushing button.
Big size! 560mm length of pure COMMANDO!
Total length: 560mm, Total width: 425mm, Weight fully equipped: 4.8kg of monster sized R/C chassis! High power 18 class engine totally rocks!
Bonus Parts Bonus Parts Included!
Spare screws, nuts and other wearable parts have been included. These extra goodies include plug wrench, starter fuse, nylon bands, damper spacers, brake disc, body mount, wrenches, and more.
Extending the Thrill Extending the Thrill
To get the maximum thrill out of the Wild Commando and extend its life, check out these useful tips before using.

Have a look at some of the cutting edge mechanics that make the Commando Wild
Front ViewRear ViewChassisEngineMuffler
BrakeFuel tankServoProtectedTransmitter

Check out these high-resolution promotional movies!
Movie We have prepared some broad band specific movies for your viewing enjoyment. Vivid visuals and realistic sound will demonstrate the awesome capabilities of the Wild Commando.


MPEG1 320*240 pixel approx. 1min. 34sec. (15.2MB)
*After saving file to disk open with Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player. *Takes over 1hr. to download using 64K modem. *Saving Without Opening File

Basic Specifications
Total length: 560mm Total width: 425mm Minimum clearance: 60mm Wheelbase: 360mm Weight fully equipped: 4.8kg (without fuel) Tread (f/r): both 326mm Chassis material: 2.5mm thickness duralumin and reinforced resin ladder frame. Steering tie rod: 3 parts. Suspension (f/r): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 8deg./0deg. Camber angle (f/r): both 0.5deg. Toe angle (f/r): 1 deg./variable Damper: f/r both CVA oil dampers Transmission: shaft drive full-time 4WD Full ball bearings Gear ratio: 1st gear 29.67:1, 2nd gear 20.4:1 Diff. Gear System: f/r 3-bevel diff. Engine: FS-18S Exhaust: 2.97cc Muffler: TM-7 Brake: double disc Fuel tank: 150cc (choke pump attached) Tire width: f/r 83mm Tire diameter: f/r 144mm Tread pattern: f/r block pattern

Required Items (Sold Separately)
Engine R/C car fuel such as TG Fuel 3000 7.2V Ni-Cd battery pack for electric starting unit as well as battery charger Twelve R6/AA/UM3 batteries for R/C system Tamiya engine spray

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