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TRF Series No.179

1/10 TRF101W Chassis Kit
Item No: 42279
Item image
Length: 331mm. Image shows assembled kit. ※Enlarged image
※Body, wheels, tires, motor, R/C equipment and battery pack are sold separately.

Widen the gap to the competition
The TRF101W is the latest chassis to benefit from the experience and data harvested from TRF's racing activity. This 2WD formula chassis features a wide tread and achieves a fine balance of rigidity and flexibility. The aluminum suspension ball mount is married with 2.5mm thick carbon fiber front upper and lower arms, with new front suspension mount and aluminum servo mount designed specifically for the chassis. The pivot ball link rear suspension sees a new attachment position for the TRF damper to the 2mm-thick carbon fiber middle brace for improved initial response and a ground hugging drive.

Wide-tread front end utilizes 2.5mm-thickness carbon fiber material for both upper and lower arms.

Moving the TRF damper on the rear setup 2.5mm further back gives more linear steering response. Battery posts further forward has led to greater front traction.

The chassis kit comes with an aluminum motor mount, and the roll damper now features equal extension and contraction.
Featured Components
●Carbon Lower Deck ●Carbon Lower & Middle Brace ●Carbon Front Upper/Lower Arms ●Carbon Battery Plate ●Carbon Body Mount Plate ●Newly-Designed Roll Damper ●Aluminum Suspension Mount ●Aluminum King Pin Mounts ●Aluminum Servo Mount ●Aluminum Motor Mount ●Aluminum Diff. Housing A ●Aluminum Clamp-Type Wheel Hubs (L) ●Integrated Diff. Housing B & Carbon Rear Shaft ●TRF Dampers (HL Cylinder & Titanium-Coated Shaft

●Chassis Length: 331mm ●Wheelbase: 270mm ●Carbon Half Double-Deck Frame ●Rear Direct Drive 2WD ●Ball Differential ●Symmetrical steering tie rods ●Suspension: Kingpin Coil Spring (Front), Pivot Ball Link (Rear) ●TRF Damper & High-Efficiency Roll Damper ●Gear Ratio = 4.00:1 (when used with kit-included 96T Spur and 24T Pinion) ●Requires Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (Sold Separately)

Separately Required Items
●2-channel R/C system with ESC ●Batteries for transmitter ●Battery Pack and Charger ●Body ●Tires ●Wheels ●Type 540 Motor

Information is correct as of July 7, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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