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TRF Series No.270

TRF418 Chassis Kit
Item No: 42270
Item image
Length: 369mm. Image shows assembled kit. ※Enlarged image

【 The Best Keeps Getting Better 】 This thoroughbred racing chassis is the successor to the World Champion TRF417 and features a host of newly-designed parts in a drive to add the 2014 IFMAR World Championship crown to TRF's impressive collection of titles. It features an alluring balance of flexibility and rigidity. A whole host of major parts have been redesigned, including carbon upper and lower decks, duralumin front/rear bulkheads and motor mount, suspension arms, uprights and more. With further enhancements such as adjustable stabilizers, large diameter damper springs, a lightweight front direct coupling and joint cups, the TRF418 takes full advantage of Tamiya's racing pedigree and data, and is ready to take on the world!

【 Striking a Sublime Balance 】 The TRF418 strikes a fine balance between flexibility and rigidity and achieves optimal roll characteristics. It does so by detaching the center bulkhead part from the upper-deck, allowing the chassis to fully take advantage of the characteristics of its carbon parts. To optimize performance in today's high-speed racing climate, duralumin A7075 alloy was employed for the front/rear bulkheads and motor mount, while the drivetrain is supported by highly rigid parts. Meanwhile, suspension arms, front/rear uprights and other parts ensure that weight transfer results in less tire wear.

■A 2 gram weight reduction has been achieved in the front direct coupling. Features double cardan universal shaft.

■Duralumin front/rear bulkheads and motor mount provide excellent rigidity. Front and rear upper bulkheads have different designs to optimize suspension arm effects.

■Optimal roll characteristics are provided by separating the center bulkhead and upper deck. They can be attached if track conditions require it.

■Front/rear suspension arm and uprights were designed to reduce tire wear. Adjustable stabilizers allow fine-tuning of the chassis set-up.

【 Featured Components 】 ●2.25mm-Thick Carbon Lower Deck ●2.0mm-Thick Carbon Upper Deck ●Aluminum Bulkheads ●Aluminum Motor Mount ●Aluminum Steering Linkage ●Aluminum Steering Arms ●New Suspension Arm designs ●Front/Rear Stabilizers ●Front & Center Direct Coupling ●Rear Gear Differential ●Front/Rear Universal Shafts (Front = double cardan) ●TRF Special Dampers (HL Coating) ●Aluminum Suspension Mounts (1C, 1C, 1XA, 1E) ●Clamp-Type Aluminum Wheel Hubs ●One-Piece Aluminum Servo Mount ●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts ●Full Ball Bearings

【 Specifications 】 ●Chassis Length: 369mm (without body) ●Chassis Width: 186.5mm ●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Tread (Front & Rear): 161mm

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●Body ●Type 540 Motor ●Pinion Gear ●Tires ●Wheels ●2-channel R/C system with ESC ●Batteries for transmitter ●Battery Pack and Charger 

Information is correct as of January 21, 2014. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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