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TRF Series No.200

1/10 TRF417 Chassis Kit (w/Gear Differential Unit II)
Item No:42200

Length=369mm ※Enlarged Image
Image shows assembled model. *Body, motor, tires, batter pack, and R/C units sold separately.

【 Geared For Racing Success 】 Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) has been on a roll, having won the 2002, 2004, 2008, and 2010 IFMAR ISTC Touring Car Class World Championships. With an eye on winning the next championship, which will be held in 2012, TRF introduced the newly developed TRF417. Based on their championship-winning knowledge and feedback, the TRF417 has been designed with an optimized chassis layout to meet the latest racing regulations which call for rectangular-shaped batteries, brushless motors, and control tires. New improvements include greater motor mount rigidity, a different motor position, improved secondary gear reduction, redesigned steering linkage, and large capacity ball differentials. Front and rear bulkheads are identical and the suspension is coupled with proven parts such as short reversible suspension arms and uprights with 1050 ball bearings, which all help improve the machine's high-traction cornering characteristics. The use of a gear differential unit is becoming a major trend at R/C touring car races around the world and this kit conveniently includes TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II. This unit uses different viscosities of oils for adjustment, which results in optimum power transmission from the high-power brushless motors as well as improved handling.

The steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility and a lower center of gravity.

Universal drive shafts feature an axle ring spring for secure connection.

Battery holders are designed for use with rectangular battery packs.

【 Main Features 】 ●2.25mm thick Carbon Lower Deck ●2.0mm thick Carbon Upper Deck ●Aluminum Bulkheads ●Aluminum Steering Linkage ●Front/Center Direct Coupling ●Aluminum Diff Joints ●F/R Universal Shafts ●TRF Special Dampers (HL Coating) ●Short Reversible Suspension Arms ●Aluminum Suspension Mounts (1C, 1C, 1XA, 1E) ●Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hubs (4mm thick) ●F/R Stabilizers ●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts ●Full Ball Bearings

【 Specifications 】 ●Chassis Length: 369mm (excluding body shell) ●Width: 187mm ●Wheelbase: 258mm ●Tread (F/R): 162mm

【 Separately Required Items 】 ●Type 540 Motor ●Tires ●Body ●2-channel R/C unit with ESC ●Battery pack and charger ●Batteries for transmitter

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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(The information on this page is current as of June 20, 2011.)