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Item No:42193

TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Series (Parts) No.93


★These balls are crafted in extremely tough tungsten, and can be used in place of the steel balls standard to 620 thrust bearings. ★They promise enhanced longevity and less maintenance time. ★Size: 1/16 inch.


XV-01 Chassis / XV-01T Chassis / XV-01 PRO Chassis / TA06 Chassis / TA06 PRO Chassis / TA06 MS Chassis / FF-03 Chassis / FF-03 PRO Chassis / TB-03 Chassis / TB-04 Chassis / TB-04 PRO Chassis / TB-05 PRO Chassis / TB Evo.6 Chassis / TB Evo.6 MS Chassis / TB Evo.7 Chassis / TA05 ver.U Chassis / TC-01 Chassis / MF-01X Chassis / M-05 Chassis / M-05 PRO Chassis / M-05 ver.U PRO Chassis / M-06 Chassis / M-06 PRO Chassis: Use with 42171.
M-07 CONCEPT Chassis / M-08 CONCEPT Chassis: Use with 54306.
XV-02 Chassis / XV-02RS PRO Chassis / XM-01 Chassis / TT-02 Chassis / TT-02D Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-S Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SR Chassis / TT-02 TYPE-SRX Chassis kit / TT-02RR Chassis / MB-01 Chassis / TT-02BR Chassis kit: Use with 22046.