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Tamiya Italeri Series no.22
1/35 German Bundeswehr Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A3G
Item No: 37022

Length: 250mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

An Updated Classic
Since its establishment in 1955 the Bundeswehr has extensively deployed U.S. hardware. One example was the M109G self-propelled gun, a version of the base U.S. M109 received from 1964 onwards, and which the Bundeswehr modified with new tracks, fire control system, muzzle brake and breech. The long-serving M109G had a major upgrade between 1986 and 1990 - denoted M109A3G, converted vehicles had a Rheinmetall L/39 155mm FH70 gun with a 24.7km range. At the same time, the fire control system was overhauled, a bulletproof cover added to the panoramic sight, and shell capacity increased from 28 to 34. Replaced by the cutting-edge PzH 2000 in 2007, the Bundeswehr's very own M109 gave over 40 years of service in its different guises.

About the Model
This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit recreating the Bundeswehr M109A3G. Length: 250mm, Width: 90mm. ★The popular Italeri M109 kit is packaged with parts to accurately depict M109A3G components such as the long-barrelled gun, Bundeswehr tracks, cupola, MG3 machine gun and cradle, smoke dischargers, plus turret rear storage boxes. ★A wide range of parts are on hand to recreate accessories such as tools, rear view mirrors and so on. ★Parts recreating the turret-top panoramic sight and drive sprocket center caps have been freshly molded for a more precise finish. ★Paintable and cementable belt parts are used to realistically render the tracks. ★Comes with two torso figures depicting commander and driver, plus two Bundeswehr unit marking options. ★Parts depicting signs are included for an out-of-the-box diorama option.


★Realistic decals for markings add a further layer of realism to this stunning model.

★Authentic depictions of panoramic sight, smoke dischargers and storage boxes, plus commander.

★Paintable Bundeswehr type tracks are joined by updated drive sprocket center caps.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the German Bundeswehr Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A3G

Tamiya Colors Spray Colors
(Item No.)
Acrylic Colors
Mini (Item No.)
NATO Green TS-61 (85061) XF-67 (81767)
NATO Brown TS-62 (85062) XF-68 (81768)
NATO Black TS-63 (85063) XF-69 (81769)

Tamiya Colors Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
Tamiya Colors Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501
80001 XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-7 Red 81507
80007 XF-49 Khaki 81749
X-10 Gun Metal 81510
80010 XF-58 Olive Green 81758
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511
80011 XF-62 Olive Drab 81762
XF-1 Flat Black 81701
80301 XF-64 Red Brown 81764
XF-4 Yellow Green 81704
80304 XF-66 Light Grey 81766 80366
XF-5 Flat Green 81705
80305 XF-84 Dark Iron 81784 80384
XF-15 Flat Flesh 81715 80315 XF-85 Rubber Black 81785 80385

Cement your tracks with precision
Item 87062 Tamiya CA Cement (Quick Type)

Make the details stand out!
Items 87131, 87132, 87133 & 87140: Panel Line Accent Color (Black), (Brown), (Gray), (Dark Brown)

Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73007 Display Case F

Information is current as of May 27, 2016. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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