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Tamiya Italeri Series No.8

Junkers Ju87 B-2 Stuka w/Bomb Loading Set
Item No:37008 

Length=230mm Image shows finished model. ※Enlarged Image

【 Screaming In From Above 】 The Junkers Ju87 Stuka dive bomber was developed in 1934 and scenes of them diving down on their targets became synonymous with the German Blitzkrieg. Of the many variants which were produced, the Ju87 B was the mainstay of the Lufwaffe in the early years of WWII. The rugged aircraft featured inverted gull wings and fixed landing gear and was powered by a 1,200hp Junkers Jumo 211D engine. It could precisely deliver a maximum bomb load of 1,000kg in a 90-degree dive, during which its sirens would blare to terrify the Allied troops below. Although they suffered heavy losses during the Battle of Britain, they continued to be used to good effect in other theaters such as the Mediterranean, Russia, and the Balkans.
【 About the Model 】 ★Length: 230mm, Wingspan: 290mm ★Photo-etched parts add sharp details to the cockpit interior. ★Parts are included for the Junkers Jumo 211D engine, which may be showcased by detaching the cowling. ★Includes parts for a 500kg and four 50kg bombs. ★Comes with a bomb loading cart and 2 ground crew figures to enable creation of a simple diorama straight from the box. ★Choose from 5 marking options, including a Hungarian Air Force aircraft. ※Aircraft parts are product of Italeri.


■Junkers Jumo 211D engine features cooling system and wiring details.

■Parts for 500kg and 50kg bombs are included. Image shows markings for a Hungarian Air Force Stuka.

■Comes with 5 marking options and photo-etched parts for added detail.

3/StG2, France, August 1940
(Battle of Britain)

2/StG2, Russia, July 1941

The information on this page is current as of July 7, 2011.

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