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1/16 World Figure Series no.12
WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Fighter Pilot
Item No: 36312

Height: approx. 110mm

Warrior of the Rising Sun
This figure model depicts a Japanese Navy fighter pilot, who, at the controls of the famous Zero fighter, cleared the skies of Allied aircraft at the beginning of WWII. The appearance of the early war airmen including flight suit, flight cap, goggles, and life vest is accurately reproduced. The large 1/16 scale showcases the realistic pose and expressive facial features of the figure perfectly. Modelers can choose to assemble the figure with arms folded or in a more heroic stance with a katana in its right hand. Goggle lenses are made from clear parts and rank insignia are recreated with high-quality stickers. A display base is conveniently included as well.

About the Uniform
In the early stages of the war in the Pacific, the Japanese Navy airman's standard uniform was a flight suit, red leather flight boots and flight cap, and goggles with an anodized aluminum frame. Gloves and a life vest completed the outfit. Official rules did not allow a katana to be brought on board due to the risk of affecting the compass reading, but many photographs show airmen with katana in their aircraft.

The information on this page is current as of July 10, 2006. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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