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1/16 Big Tank Series No.5 (ITEM 36205)

Kubelwagen Type 82
Big size! Overall length: 242mm, Overall width: 100mm

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(Pictures show painted and assembled model).

About the Kubelwagen Type 82
The Kubelwagen was originally designed as a civilian vehicle, but after German militaristic expansion and mobilization in the late 1930's plans were soon made for a military version. After the poor performance of the Kubelwagen Type 62, an improved model designated Type 82 went into mass production in 1940. The Kubelwagen Type 82 featured a trustworthy 4-cylinder, horizontally opposed, air-cooled engine, capable of 23.5hp at 3000rpm and provided a top speed of 80km/h. Over 50,000 Kubelwagens were produced by the war's end. From the searing heat of the North African Front to the blistering cold of the Russian Front, the Kubelwagen Type 82 was used for reconnaissance and communications purposes.

About the model
★Kubelwagen Type 82 plastic assembly kit. ★1/16 scale, Overall length: 242mm, Overall width: 100mm. ★Equipped with standard tires. Strengthening pressed lines have been accurately reproduced. ★All doors and engine access door can be assembled in opened or closed position. ★Hood can be assembled in the up or down position. ★Tires are made of real rubber and front wheels can be steered by moving steering wheel. ★Kit replicates full set of accessories including fuel jerry cans and driver figure.

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