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1/35 Military Miniature Series No.353
German Assault Tank IV Brummbär Late Production
Item No: 35353

Length: 168mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.
*Please note that the model shown on this page has separately sold Zimmerit coating stickers from Item 12673 applied.

A Hard Hitter
Developed for infantry support during WWII, the Assault Tank IV married the trusty Pz.Kpfw.IV chassis with a simple fighting compartment featuring 100mm of front and 50mm of side armor, plus a high-powered 15cm gun that could defeat 160mm of 30-degree armor from 5km. Its variants can largely be grouped into early, mid and late production types, the latter of which was most numerous with 160 examples manufactured between May 1944 and March 1945. Feedback from crews of earlier Brummbärs had led to new a fighting compartment design and cupola, plus partial use of steel road wheels. Brummbärs were assigned to their own dedicated Assault Tank Battalions and fought on the Eastern Front and in Italy as the war drew to its conclusion.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 168mm, width: 94mm. ★The kit gives a highly accurate recreation of the Brummbär with its stubby 15cm gun. ★Gun barrel offers elevation and depression. Traverse motion is in tandem with sight and cover. ★Five Schürzen plates are attached and can be removed individually, for a variety of looks. ★Parts are included to recreate rubber-rimmed and all-steel road wheels, used in different combinations depending upon chose marking option. ★Comes with a commander torso figure for the cupola, and a full-body crew figure. ★Decals for two marking options are included.


★Tamiya designers studied the real Brummbär in depth to bring you this highly accurate model kit!

★Separate parts recreating Schürzen side armor plates allow its depiction in various states.

★A further layer of detail is added to the model thanks to the two included figures.

★Parts for rubber-rimmed and all-steel road wheels are used in different combinations for each marking option.

★Movable 15cm gun offers traverse coordinated with sight and cover motion, plus elevation and depression.

★The model is chock full of detail, with areas such as the engine compartment at the rear sure to grab your attention.

★A dedicated Zimmerit coating sticker sheet (Item 12673, separately sold) can add further realism to your model.

216th Assault Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, Late 1944 - Early 1945

219th Assault Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, Early 1945

★Tamiya Color paints for finishing the 1/35 German Assault Tank IV Brummbär Late Production

Tamiya Color Spray Colors
(Item No.)
Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
Red brown TS-1 (85001) XF-64 (81764) XF-64 (80364)
Dark green TS-2 (85002) XF-61 (81761) XF-61 (80361)
Dark yellow TS-3 (85003) XF-60 (81760) XF-60 (80360)

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-5 Green 81505
80005 XF-49 Khaki 81749
X-7 Red 81507
80007 XF-56 Metallic grey 81756
X-10 Gun metal 81510
80010 XF-58 Olive green 81758
XF-1 Flat black 81701
80301 XF-65 Field grey 81765
XF-2 Flat white 81702
80302 XF-84 Dark iron 81784
XF-10 Flat brown 81710
80310 XF-85 Rubber black 81785
XF-15 Flat flesh 81715
80315 --- --- ---

Useful tools in construction of the model
Item 74095 Drill Bit (1.0mm)
Item 74112 Fine Pin Vise D-R (0.1-3.2mm)

Make the details stand out!
Items 87131, 87132, 87133 & 87140: Panel Line Accent Color (Black), (Brown), (Gray), (Dark Brown)

Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73007 Display Case F

Zimmerit Coating Sheet for 1/35 Scale Brummbar Late Production

Detail-Up Parts Series No.73
Item 12673
★Also going on sale is this set, which is designed just for the 1/35 Brummbär! ★Zimmerit anti magnetic mine coating is recreated with a realistic 3D finish. Just cut out the stickers and apply to the model. ★Can be painted on after application.
Click on this link to go to the Item 12673 product information page.

Information is correct as of August 22, 2017. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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