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1/35 Military Miniature Series No.254 (ITEM 35254)

front view
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(Pictures show painted and assembled model).

Rear view  Iron cast appearance Suspension Figures Accessory parts

About the M26 Pershing
The U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing made its appearance at the end of WWII to allow the American army to stand up to the wrath of German tanks. The Pershing which was equipped with a long 90mm gun and exhibited incredible mobility, was first deployed to the European front in February 1945 as part of the effort to invade the German homeland. The Pershing, of which 200 were used against Germany until its surrender, successfully engaged Tiger I and Pz.kpfw. IV tanks. When the Korean War began in June 1950. The M26 also fought successfully against the rival T34/85 Soviet built tanks of the North Korean and Chinese volunteer armies.

About the model
M26 U.S. Medium Tank Pershing plastic assembly kit. Length: 245mm, Turret with its 90mm long barrel gun and boat hull like underside, have been faithfully reproduced with an incredible level of detail. Crew hatches can be assembled in either the opened or closed position. Movable suspension forms to the landscape of dioramas. Small details like separate parts for the engine grills and cast iron appearance on the hull and the turret make kit seem even more real. Machinegun ammunition boxes and two crew figures (torso) are included. Decals for 4 different markings.

Abundance of accessory parts provides striking realism
Wealth of expression
Allied Vehicles Accessory Set 1/35 Allied Vehicles Accessory Set
ITEM 35229

This accessory set will allow you to give a different look to your models by adorning the engine deck or by hanging accessory pieces to turret sides. This set includes various equipment such as jerry cans, bags, folded sheets and sleeping bags. This set will increase the realism of your Pershing and broaden the scope of your diorama.
Fighting rivals
German Tiger I Tank Late Version 1/35 German Panther G Type Late Version 1/35 Russian T34/85 Medium Tank
1/35 German Tiger I Tank
Late Version

ITEM 35146
1/35 German Panther G Type
Late Version

ITEM 35176
1/35 Russian T34/85 Medium Tank
ITEM 35138
Special Issue: Korean War
M26 Pershing during the Korean War
This is a presentation of the countries involved in and the course of the Korean War. This section presents planes and military vehicles used by both sides in the Korean War.

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