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1/48 Military Miniature Series No.3
Item 32503

Pictures show fully painted and assembled model.
(Aircraft not included in kit.)

Compact 1/48 Scale That's Great Fun to Build

Tamiya's 1/48 Military Miniature series features popular 1/35 scale models reduced down to a tiny 1/48 scale. Only Tamiya's attention to detail and quality can produce such highly authentic models on a scale that is fun to build and great to collect. Following the Kübelwagen as our first 1/48 MM release, Tamiya now introduces the popular Africa Corps variant to this popular new series. The model can be displayed by itself or combined with a model from our 1/48 scale aircraft series for detailed diorama.

About the German Kübelwagen Type 82 Africa-Corps

One of the most widely used WWII vehicles, the Kübelwagen Type 82 featured a lightweight monocoque body, four wheel independent torsion bar suspension and a 23.5hp air-cooled 4 cylinder 985cc engine. Based on Dr. Ferdinand Porsche's Volkswagen, the Type 82 possessed excellent maneuverability and handling, serving as a multi-purpose vehicle for the army as well as the Luftwaffe (air force). In total over 50,000 units were produced during WWII, with slight variations between models including shape of rear fender, under guard, turn signals and exhaust layout. The Kübelwagen was first deployed to the North Africa campaign in 1941, with a specialised Africa Corps version featuring balloon tires going into production from 1942. Designed to be more suited to desert conditions, the Africa Corps model was used during both the North Africa and Italian campaigns.

About the Model

★Overall length: 79.5mm, overall width: 33.5mm ★Bonnet, short fender, balloon tires and other distinctive characteristics of the Africa-Corps Kübelwagen have all been authentically reproduced. ★1 driver and 1 pilot figure wearing shorts and rolled sleeve shirt included. ★Decals for 5 different markings/ ★Perfect for diorama with German aircraft from the 1/48 Aircraft Series.

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