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Military Collection No.11

1/35 French Armored Car AMD35 (1940)
Item No: 32411

Item image
Length: 145mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

Mobile Recon
In 1934 the French military military adopted the AMD35, a 4-wheel drive light reconnaissance vehicle (Auto Mitrailleuse de Découverte - AMD) design. This highly mobile armored car was powered by a 105hp engine that allowed a top speed of 72km/h, while armament was taken care of by a 25mm anti-tank gun. Feedback from units deploying the AMD35 led to incremental improvements such as a periscope, commander's hatch ventilator and muffler. In May 1940 when German forces invaded France, 360 AMD35s were in the field and performing valuable reconnaissance. Their performance and design was impressive enough that some captured vehicles were even turned on the Allies by German troops.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 145mm, width: 57mm. ★The rivet armor and functional AMD35 armored car form is captured with accuracy. ★Separate 4-cylinder engine and interior parts give a detailed finish. ★Assemble with hatches open or closed. ★Suspension features depictions of leaf springs and drive shaft. ★Synthetic rubber tires have tread patterns. ★Comes with a Tamiya commander torso figure. ★Features a wealth of accessories. ★3 marking options are included, offering a choice of 2 French vehicles and 1 German.
*Vehicle parts are a product of ICM.


★Left: This model recreates the blocky, flat panel form of the AMD35 in style, with realistic depictions of rivets.

★Right: A multi-part rendering of the 6-cylinder engine is a real point of interest on this detailed model.

★Left: Take a closer look at the detail on display in the driver's position at the rear of the fighting compartment.

★Right: The range of hatches on the model can be assembled open or closed as the modeler chooses.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/35 French Armored Car AMD35 (1940)

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paints
LP-3 Flat black LP-4 Flat white LP-11 Silver

Tamiya Color Tamiya Color Tamiya Color
X-11 Chrome silver XF-15 Flat flesh XF-58 Olive green
X-12 Gold leaf XF-16 Flat aluminum XF-60 Dark yellow
X-18 Semi gloss black XF-49 Khaki XF-62 Olive drab
XF-1 Flat black XF-51 Khaki drab XF-64 Red brown
XF-2 Flat white XF-52 Flat earth XF-84 Dark iron
XF-9 Hull red XF-56 Metallic grey

Make the details stand out!
Items 87131, 87132, 87133 & 87140: Panel Line Accent Color (Black), (Brown), (Gray), (Dark Brown)

Adding realistic weathering effects to your model
Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick

Present your model as it deserves to be displayed
Item 73004 Display Case C

Information is correct as of January 11, 2018. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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